Why I am so picky

Some people may have been asking "Why is this guy so picky on whom he wants." Well, I'm going to straighten this out for you. I will do this by breaking down each of the requirements that were formerly shown on the Requirements page:

1. "...holy, healthy, and charitable..." This means that the relationship, which will become a marriage, will honor God, not harming our bodies, and unconditionally love for each other.

2. Traditional practicing Roman Catholic ages 19-27 (Effective Christmas 2017) This means that you are willing to or currently attend the Tridentine Mass almost 99% exclusively, on Sundays and Holy Days, and wishes to have her wedding, her childrens' sacraments, and funeral in the Extraordinary Form; covers her head in church; prays daily. Doesn't eat meat on Fridays, during Lent, and on Ember and Rogation days. UPHOLDS THE HOLY ORTHODOX ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH THAT WAS CODIFIED DURING THE COUNCIL OF TRENT. 

3. United States Citizen This one may be cruel to some people, but you have to understand, it is a lot easier for me if my wife is a US Citizen just like me. Since I'm a citizen who wishes to stay in the USA, I think it is appropriate that the other half shall be the same. Some jobs require citizenship too!

4. "...salutes flag (hand over heart) for Pledge of Allegiance..."  As a US citizen, you have to do your civic duties, such as voting, jury duty, military service, tax payments, etc. So placing your right hand over your heart in presence of the flag should be one of them. If you have gone to school in America, you start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance. In a public school this is the only prayer said (followed by a moment of silence), which the Supreme Court upheld the words "Under God", which where placed into the Pledge in 1954 with the backing with the Knights of Columbus. In a religious school, whether it be Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc., the teachers and students keep their hands over their hearts for morning prayers of their religion. There is absolutely no reason that this shall be done in the morning before you leave the house, or a work. There are several people, who love America, and wish to say the pledge, are deprived because they don't work in a school. Most of the people (civilians) who recite the pledge (or salute with the hand over the heart in general) are women. 

5. "...salutes flag...for...National Anthem..." When the Star-Spangled Banner is played, Title 36 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations says you are to place the hand over the heart. Several Americans ignore this thinking that just "standing up" is okay. IT IS NOT. YOU MUST SALUTE as if you were saying the Pledge. People often ignore this when the anthem is played before sporting events, when it is made fun of and people applaud it as if it where on top of the pop charts. You are not supposed to sacriligiously cheer the anthem after the final word ("brave"). Instead you are supposed to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, then a minute of silence thereafter. (NO KNEELERS!!!)

6. "...Taps, at the flagpole, at a parade, and during other songs of patriotic nature..." When in presence of the flag, honoring the deceased, and singing about your country, your right hand belongs over your heart.

7. Friendly, modest, charitable, humble, outgoing, nice, beautiful, loving  This means that you do not yell or scream, think you are better than everyone else, you keep things to your self, love God and thy neighbor, do not damage your Temple of the Holy Ghost, and put God first, Country second, and me third above anything else.

8. Wishes to have children at the will of God, hopefully enrolling them in Catholic schools This is a pledge you have to make before you get married in the Church. God is the person who ultimately decides if you get children or not. You and your spouse may have..., but it is God's call. The Third Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1884 required that all Catholic children attend Catholic schools. Even though they may cost a fortune, you have to pray that the nuns will come back so they won't cost as much.

9. Believes that divorce is 100% wrong  "Everyone who divorces his wife...commits adultery..." [Luke 16:18]

10. Willing to accomodate eachother to the best of ability I think this is pretty self-explanitory.

11. Does not contain any piercings (other than 1 per ear lobe) or tattoos; Pure heart, mind, body, and; soul Your body is a Temple of the Holy Ghost. It belongs to the Holy Roman Catholic Church, by virtue of Baptism. Please note that the 5th Commandment, "Thou shalt not kill", also means do not pierce or deface your body unless having surgery. That also means no illegal durgs, no gorging, no alcohol for pleasure, no drunk driving, etc. These can also cause you trouble with the law. Do not attempt to get inapropriate pierces or any tattoos for that matter.

12. "...be with each other as much as possible..." This is the objective of marriage! No brainer. You want to be with each other! It is not just in the bed. It is in life in general.