About me

I'm looking for a Catholic young woman with similar interests: one that is willing to love and respect me for who I am and who will respect herself enough not to damage her body with tattoos and excessive piercings.

[Sorry, but I believe a woman should be comfortable enough with herself that she does not need to make these kind of social statements with her appearance.] 

If you truly respect yourself, you will not damage it. I'd love to meet a wholesome Catholic girl that loves God enough to glorify Him through her actions and modesty (both spiritually and physically). A woman in a white veil is more becoming than any woman from a magazine or music video could ever be. I find that the honest and modest woman that respects her body is both beautiful and attractive (on the deepest levels). My preferred age range would be from 19-27 (Age range revised Christmas Season 2017). 

I take my Roman Catholic Faith very seriously and I would expect that any other Catholic would do the same (especially one I might consider sharing a future with). Like any good, practicing Catholic, I do not believe in abortion, contraception, homosexuality, divorce, or pre-marital sex. As the Catechism says "Chastity is a moral virtue. It is also a gift from God, a grace, a fruit of spiritual effort." When the time comes, I'd like to share that "spiritual effort" with my intended until our marriage has sanctified our union in the eyes of our Lord.

I exclusively attend the Traditional Latin Mass because I love the Lord and tradition!  If you've never attended a Latin Mass, you should start now! (Then email me to let me know how much you LOVE it.) I'm confident that if you're Roman Catholic and you take your faith as serious as I'd hope you do, you WILL love it as much as I do. Whether its the intentions of the Holy Church Fathers or the Founding Fathers... I believe tradition is sacred - we should avoid changing it at all costs! 

I am a U.S. Citizen living in Massachusetts, and I wish to live in the Greater Boston area (This may not be possible effective 2018; New Hampshire is acceptable in New England, otherwise a solid red state). I salute the American flag with my right hand over my heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, Taps, at the flagpole, at parades, and other songs of patriotic nature. Even though our nation is imperfect, it was founded under the auspices of God the Almighty Father, and wish to share that patriotism, along with our Catholic Faith, daily by honoring the our living and deceased Veterans. 

When I look at (European) Cathedrals I'm filled with amazement. God truly guided the minds and hands of the architects and engineers in order to build such beautiful structures which would stand as a testament to His glory throughout the ages. I can only hope that someday soon I too will be afforded the opportunity to glorify our Heavenly Father by designing beautiful, sacred spaces that will uplift the soul upon sight. Additionally, I want to design homes. The home more than just a building; it’s the place where relationships will grow and families will be raised. What could be more important than the parish church on Sunday and the domestic church at home? What could be better than to design either? 

I recognize that being a parent is truly a blessing; one I hope to receive from the Lord. As a man, it’s important to me that, if I am blessed enough to become your "other half", that I would be the primary provider for the family. I'd hope that in doing so, as any good Catholic mother might, my future bride will seize the opportunity to embrace her feminine role and duties as God intended. This means being willing to stay home with our children or having a job that would allow her to spend lots of time with them. 

It is not something that "holds you back" as liberals might claim but it is what God intended of us. I would be more than happy to put a roof over your head [literally] and bread on our table if you would honor me by caring for and raising our children. It’s my dream that someday that special someone that God has chosen for me will honor be by respecting God, me, our children, and the world that God has given us to live in. 

Please email me and let me know how that Latin Mass worked out for you and of course what you are looking for in a Catholic man. Oh! Send me a picture too! That way I'll be able to put a face to the name. God Bless. 

P.S. My favorite names happen to be: Jillian, Katherine, Natalie, Sarah, Bridget, (mid. Mary). There are probably others, though.