Wednesday, July 5, 2017

No surprises here...

Today's post could easily be the second part of my "Independence Day Message" from yesterday, considering what I am about to say:

The Boston Pops Fourth of July Spectacular, founded by Arthur Fiedler in 1976, is usually broadcast live in it's entirety on local television. I remember as a little kid watching it originally on WCVB-TV Channel 5, and in recent years it aired on WBZ-TV Channel 4. 


The event, which takes place on the DCR-owned Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade, has always been free and open to the public, thanks to generous sponsors. In the old days the gates used to open at 6 A.M. where people would run to the front row and pinch a tent until 6 P.M., where the immediate show prep began. Ever since the Boston Marathon Bombings you cannot do this anymore for understandable reasons, which has discouraged many from attending. But the fact that it was not broadcast live on local TV this year in the city America began is a disappointment. In a way I'm not surprised because sponsorship must have been low and most people from Mass. voted for treason in the previous election, which effects it's ability to air on television (no TV station is going to air it for free!). Eventually they might have to charge admission in the future. 

Secondly, I'm suffering because of my beliefs. I doubt that I would be able find a young woman from New England with the exact same religious and political beliefs and practices. I don't know any "hand-over-heart" young Catholic American girls up here in liberal land who are available. 

Lastly, please pray for the repose of the soul of Dubia Brother Joachim Cardinal Meisner, who passed away yesterday at the age of 83. The East German anticommunist fought for Sacramental Marriage with Cardinal Burke et. al. against heresy until his very last day on earth. Requesicat in Pace. Amen

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