Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Something non-traditional: Could you, the young Catholic single sweetheart, propose (with my counter of course!:)?

Today, the Feast of Saint James the Greater is also the lesser feast of Saint Christopher, my "name day," a Catholic custom often lost that often is more important than your actual birthday. St. Christopher, the patron of travels and lost persons, is not in the new calendar, which is a shame.

Tomorrow marks seven years since my first post of this blog, initially asking for a date to the Tridentine Mass on Sunday. Since then, things have turned for the worse in the Church and for me personally. Supporting God and country has cost me everything. Living in an area of the United States where over sixty percent of my peers voted for treason last year certainly doesn't help. 

Most young Catholic women under the age of 25 are not conservative politically, never mind traditional. They are sympathetic to gay "marriage" and contraception, and may support abortion in limited cases of rape and incest. They would flirt with Socialism, secularism, and atheism. Two prime examples are a couple of events that took place in the Archdiocese of Boston this month: the Steubenville East at U.Mass Lowell and an event for Hispanic Youth. Both events, while only with language differences, shared the same activities: rock concerts at the Novus Ordo and "adoration" of the Blessed Sacrament in the LifeTeen format. 

It's not the fault of these young adults who love God
and their country. 
I feel bad for today's teenage and young adult Catholics. They are being taught this is compatible with Catholic Tradition by their CCD teachers. They're chauffeured to their suburban parish church by their parents who spoil them with iPhones and iPads, and often don't treat Sunday with uttermost sanctimony. Unfortunately with most of these parents born after the New Mass cook book was issued, they don't have a clue that the TLM is a matter of Catholic dogma. 

I'm not questioning these young women and their love for God. Many of them also love their country. It's not their fault that they don't know what Catholicism looks like with doctrinal and liturgical orthodoxy. 

In either case, it might be possible that if a young woman who meets the criteria (even someone who currently attends the N.O.) who wants me and wants to practice Traditional Catholicism to email me for initiation. This might be the only way for me to survive the tyrants  up in these parts (civil, ecclesiastical, and corporate) who hate God, country, and family and want to favor bergoglios over people like me. 

There's no big secret that as a man, I am naturally attracted to the female sex. This blog clearly shows I have no priestly or religious order vocation, so the only other acceptable option for Catholics is to marry OTHER CATHOLICS. The summer season more amplifies this with more tank tops, t-shirts, and bikinis. At least I have never slept with someone and never entertained to live with someone I'm not married to! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Vatican: Bishops may not say "Missa Cantata"

Rorate Caeli has posted a letter from the Pontifical Commission on Ecclesia Dei addressed to a church choir in the Philippines stating that bishops may not say the "Missa Cantata", only a Low Mass or a Pontifical High Mass, due to the rubrics of the 1962 Missale Romanum

This decision (although not a Papal Bull with full force of the law) is a blow to the all bishops who say the "Pontifical Sung Mass" as the letter describes, due to the lack of the full amount of sacred ministers in major orders which prevent the chanting of the Epistle by a subdeacon  and the Gospel by the deacon when the Bishop is celebrant. Both SSPX and diocesan bishops have to offer the Missa Cantata on these occasions, especially after they administer Confirmation, which the ceremony is chanted and the organ is often played. It's not meus culpus that bishops have to modify their Masses due to the lack of personnel in these dark days. 

Yes, Solemn High Mass said by a priest is the original form of Mass, the others are abbreviations. Same with the Pontifical High Mass, but if the bishop is not a cardinal, metropolitan, or the local ordinary, he cannot pontificate from the throne unless he is granted permission or ordains. The Pontifical High Mass at the faldstool (on the Epistle side of the church) is considered an abbreviation and applies to visiting and auxiliary bishops. 

The rubrics have always allowed for priests to say the Missa Cantata because most parishes only have one priest. If the modern-day permanent diaconate were a true diaconate every parish would have a Solemn High Mass every Sunday. The same with Bishops, if they actually pontificated every Sunday in their cathedrals then such a question would have never been asked. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum

Today, July 7, 2017, marks the tenth anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, the most important Papal Bull (issued by Benedict XVI) of the 21st century. Because of this, priests (even those ordained in the new rites) can freely say the Traditional Latin Mass without canonical penalty on paper. As someone who was raised in the paganized Vatican II church, if it weren't for this Bull I would not be a Catholic today! 

Unfortunately, most bishops and priests have no interest in saying the TLM, even on a part-time basis, and with a few exceptions the trend is going in the opposite direction. While there might now be approximately 400-500 Mass locations in the United States and Canada, if Frankenpope has his way this could decrease dramatically. 

If you live in New England, Sean Cardinal O'Malley is your Metropolitan Archbishop. Other than allowing a Sunday TLM in the basement chapel of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and once performed a confirmation in the old rite, he is generally against it. The Cathedral is ready to undergo a multi-million dollar facelift, and by next summer this is what the interior is scheduled to look like (screenshots from promo video by the Connecticut-based Baker Liturgical Art, LLC):

 There will be no restoration of the altar rail, but instead a permanent marble N.O. altar and a lower marble pulpit replacing the stately wood one. The red carpeting will be torn apart in favor of Italian marble in the sanctuary. Many pews near the front will be removed. 

A newly-designed cathedra (throne) with a full backing, extending to protect also the deacons' chairs. As see on the right, the Blessed Sacrament will once again be reserved in the  tabernacle built-in the high altar, but the shallow placement of a protective rail will not allow for Holy Mass to be said on it.

If the Cathedral (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) were to be authentically restored, it would look like this:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

No surprises here...

Today's post could easily be the second part of my "Independence Day Message" from yesterday, considering what I am about to say:

The Boston Pops Fourth of July Spectacular, founded by Arthur Fiedler in 1976, is usually broadcast live in it's entirety on local television. I remember as a little kid watching it originally on WCVB-TV Channel 5, and in recent years it aired on WBZ-TV Channel 4. 


The event, which takes place on the DCR-owned Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade, has always been free and open to the public, thanks to generous sponsors. In the old days the gates used to open at 6 A.M. where people would run to the front row and pinch a tent until 6 P.M., where the immediate show prep began. Ever since the Boston Marathon Bombings you cannot do this anymore for understandable reasons, which has discouraged many from attending. But the fact that it was not broadcast live on local TV this year in the city America began is a disappointment. In a way I'm not surprised because sponsorship must have been low and most people from Mass. voted for treason in the previous election, which effects it's ability to air on television (no TV station is going to air it for free!). Eventually they might have to charge admission in the future. 

Secondly, I'm suffering because of my beliefs. I doubt that I would be able find a young woman from New England with the exact same religious and political beliefs and practices. I don't know any "hand-over-heart" young Catholic American girls up here in liberal land who are available. 

Lastly, please pray for the repose of the soul of Dubia Brother Joachim Cardinal Meisner, who passed away yesterday at the age of 83. The East German anticommunist fought for Sacramental Marriage with Cardinal Burke et. al. against heresy until his very last day on earth. Requesicat in Pace. Amen

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day Message

On America's Birthday, I am ashamed to announce that the state I was born in, currently reside, and where America was born was ranked second-to-last in a national survey on patriotism. Ideally, all 13 original states should have a 100% patriotic rating, but that's another story.

The fact that only 39% of Bay State citizens voted for allegiance to the USA last election is troubling, but it didn't happen overnight. It has an impact on my state of life. God and country are very important to me, and unfortunately I'm only a handful of people in Liberal Land (e.g. not Jeffersonian, but Marxist) that insists daily patriotism at the beginning of the workday in office environments. 

In the photo above, unfortunately one can infer party affiliation by the posture of each of the graduates. There was once upon a time when both major parties behaved the same way before Old Glory. In the title banner above, all the women and girls pictured are doing it the right way. This is how all Americans used to do it

Starting the day with the Pledge of Allegiance at school or work is only one simple way to keep a United States together. Article V will eventually save it. 

Indeed, being a Traditionalist Catholic is not easy anywhere on Planet Earth these days, but thank God for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that allow me to do so! I know being one has cost me a lot, even respect of "approved" Catholic clergy, but I believe it's necessary for salvation. 

God Bless America!