Friday, May 5, 2017

Yes, the TLM is the Mass of the Church

Until a future Pope requires Mass be said this way,
problems will persist. 
Today is the feast of Pope St. Pius V, the pontiff who codified the Traditional Latin Mass as a dogma of the Catholic Faith. 

Yes, the TLM is a matter of dogma. It must be believed by all Catholics. Quo Primum Tempore (July 14, 1570) issued by the same Holy Roman Pontiff states the wrath of Saints Peter and Paul will incur if clerics of any rank refuse to say the Mass and administer the Sacraments according to the ancient liturgical books, which actually date from Apostolic Times (hence the name "Tridentine" an improper and misleading adjective, since the Roman Rite was not invented during the Council of Trent). This includes the Pope, cardinals, and bishops who prevent their priests from doing so without just cause. 

Unfortunately, the crisis in the Church is worse than thought, and very likely we are living the Full Third Secret of Fatima. Nobody thought we'd have two living popes, one who said the True Mass (privately) and the other who's a puppet of George Soros. 

Most Catholic news outlets are discussing Phil Lawler's most recent Catholic Culture article regarding the 90% decline in active priests of the Archdiocese of Boston since 1967 and the official Catholic population in the Archdiocese a net increase of 100,000 to 1.9 million. (If you include the smaller suffragan dioceses Massachusetts has about 2.5 million Catholics on the rolls [36% of the total population].) With the exception of recent ordinands within the last decade, most of the 300 active archdiocesan priests are over 70 and there are simply not enough replacements. All three seminaries are full but none of the seminarians will be ordained to say the TLM; many of them are part of the pizza-loving Neo-Catechumemnal Way. Hence, any young man with a priestly vocation who wants to say the TLM is not going to become a diocesan priest, it's that simple. 

The SSPX only has a part-time rented office catacomb in the Archdiocese while the FSSP is no longer accepting applications to their U.S. seminary because (according to their bylaws) there are no more places to send them, Boston included. The only full-time TLM is at a parish that has been under the chopping block for four years now. If you travel to the Worcester Diocese (Central Mass.) there is nothing within the city limits or bordering suburbs. There is the Saint Benedict Center but as a monastery lay visitors who attend Mass there are not parishioners. There's no trace of Catholicism in Western Mass. and only not much down the Cape. 

Even in the Southern states there are more doctrinally faithful Catholics (less in overall population) and more priestly vocations, pretty much all dioceses are Novus Ordo (even if said revenently ad orientem), and will not get ordained in the Traditional rite. This should automatically turn-off plenty of more vocations to the diocesan priesthood.