Monday, April 3, 2017

Worcester Diocese not requiring new school supt. to defend the Faith; caterers to Spanish-speakers

The deadline to apply to be the next Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Worcester is April 28th. If you read the Search Prospectus and Profile, along with the description of the job and pictures of pupils in their preppy uniforms, there is no explicit mention that a candidate must be a practicing Catholic, although ads syndicated in regional diocesan newspapers have listed it as a requirement plus saying they don't discriminate based on religion. 

For several years now Catholic schools everywhere (with few exceptions) have accepted students irrespective of the student's and his family's religious background, with no desire of the family or the student(s) to convert to the Catholic Faith. Worcester is no different here. The major reason is the nuns immediately after Vatican II taking their habits off and burning them in trash cans. They retired from teaching early and became SJWs. Now most teachers who work in any type of school are at the very least soft SJWs. 

I am not against lay teachers in Catholic schools, but the nuns taking a vow of poverty clearly saved parents thousands of dollars in tuition over the years. Catholic school teachers don't make much, but still cost the tuition money just to pay their modest salaries and to keep the doors open. 

Who does Bishop McManus consider as a "practicing Catholic," either in general or for the purposes of this very important job any Catholic or public school system has to offer? I bet if a qualified lay person with a Ph.D. who attends the Tridentine Mass applies for this position, he will not be considered. Same goes with an academically qualified priest who says the TLM. 

The Prospectus also brags about ethnic diversity. Last Friday's Catholic Free Press' Front Page bragged about Hispanic Ministry and the upcoming V Encuentro (The Fifth Encounter) the USCCB will host in September 2018. The annual diocesan pledge-drive/slush fund grants to Hispanic Ministry, African Ministry, Polish Ministry, and Brazilian Ministry, with Spanish as the numero uno. These ethnic ministries not only get special grants from the annual fundraiser, but have their own clergy who specifically minister to people who supposedly can't or don't care to speak English in the United States of America. 

The articles from the paper also claim the bishops are concerned about Hispanics in particular from joining the Pentecostals and other storefront churches. First of all, returning readers of the blog know I am against Ecclesiastical Jim Crow and insist (like the Vatican always operated) on territorial parishes. Catholicism is supposed to be skin-color neutral. But with the Novus Ordo you don't really have that. Secondly, irrespective of race or ethnicity, no one from a Catholic heritage or someone who wants to convert to Catholicism is not going to attend Mass on a regular basis when the Sacraments are not properly administered. So I don't blame the 10 million or so in Brazil who've quit Catholicism since Bergoglio's reign of terror began! 

Lastly as far as K-12 Catholic education is concerned, the only true option for most is homeschooling. In schools run the the Diocese of Worcester the monthly school liturgies are PC, and there hasn't been a TLM said in 50+ years or so. They will accept any student from families who have $$$. So if a wealthy non-Catholic family pays $10,000 per year for their son or daughter to attend Catholic high school, and that family does not want him or her to convert to the Catholic Faith, that spoiled rich kid is taking up a seat from a Catholic kid who by Canon Law is entitled to a Catholic education. 

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