Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rorate Caeli: Only Institute of Christ the King left in Limerick, Ireland Diocese

First reported by Rorate Caeli; apparently the Limerick Diocese (west coast of Ireland) has no more diocesan priests left and effective this Tuesday there will be no more (N.O.) Masses said at diocesan parishes, where the national online newspaper The Irish Times originally reported that the Catholic Church went out of business in this diocese! 😡

THIS IS VERY FAKE NEWS because the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest is present in the Diocese and the Tridentine Mass will be the only available Mass in the diocese! 😊 (Click here for their Irish apostolate website

Ireland has roughly a population of 4 million and 22 dioceses, many of which are medieval and have no need for existence. On the other hand, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a general population of almost 7 million, a supposed Catholic population of 2.75 million and only has 4 dioceses. 

This weekend the $10 million replacement Our Lady of Good Voyage Seaport Chapel in Boston will be consecrated. (While architect Cram & Ferguson did a classy job as always, because the Novus Ordo will be said there I have to disavow it.) Instead of blowing $10 million on a small dinky chapel to replace a dinkier one, why not spend the $10 million to help real Catholics go to college? 

A new chapel was unnecessary since nobody actually will attend Sunday Mass at this chapel. Most people who work in Downtown Boston are priced-out of the city to begin with. 

As far as Ireland is concerned, this is what you do for disrespecting St. Patrick by partying on his feast day instead of abstaining from meat (since March 17th always falls during Lent). If the Diocese of Limerick really needs Novus Ordo presbyters, then why don't the IRA-sympathic ones from Boston move to Limerick? How about the ones disrespectful of the U.S. Constitution too?

Nice going liberals. 

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