Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ivanka is ruining her dad's Presidency

The Trump Administration has announced that they will continue to defend the Obama HHS mandate in court. (Life Site News) Dreamers will not be deported and the Wall will not be started. Locally yesterday a graduating East Boston High School senior, who is a Dreamer and is not eligible for Federal Student Aid, was given a surprise full scholarship to Regis College, a "Catholic" college in the Metrowest area. 

Ivanka Trump is ruining her dad's Presidency and has no business advising him at the White House. She and her hubby are uber-liberal New York City Democrats. She is a beautiful young lady, but should go back to Trump Tower and stay there. 

Then you have a Federal Judge in San Francisco ruling that withholding DOJ grants to sanctuary cities is unconstitutional. Take a look at this bipartisan poster of the neo-conferderates from Taxachusetts:

President Trump's 100-day grade: B-

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