Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bishop McManus condemns President Trump

Bishop Robert J. McManus of Worcester issued the following statement yesterday regarding President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration: 

It is hard to imagine an American alive today who does not include immigrants to this country in his or her family tree, ancestors who were in search of a better life, or escaping political or religious persecution, or fleeing the ravages of war. It is particularly this last case that is most disturbing in light of President Trump’s Executive Order addressing the U.S. refugee admissions program and migration to the United States. In light of that, I add my voice to that of the USCCB’s chair of the Committee on Migration, Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of Austin, Texas, who issued the following statement: “We strongly disagree with the Executive Order’s halting refugee admissions. We believe that now more than ever, welcoming newcomers and refugees is an act of love and hope. We will continue to engage the new administration, as we have all administrations for the duration of the current refugee program, now almost forty years. We will work vigorously to ensure that refugees are humanely welcomed in collaboration with Catholic Charities without sacrificing our security or our core values as Americans, and to ensure that families may be reunified with their loved ones.” 
Our own local experience has been one of great success in assisting refugees from Syria and many other countries through Catholic Charities, working in collaboration with the U.S. government. Let us hope and pray and voice our support for efforts to rectify this policy, while respecting the right of every nation to protect its borders and its citizens. As Christians we cannot ignore the Gospel imperative to welcome the stranger in our midst, especially those whose dignity as children of God is not being respected. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, (# 2241) our faith encourages us to welcome all people “in search of the security and means of livelihood which they cannot find in their country of origin.” As our Holy Father, Pope Francis said to our nation’s leaders in September 2015, “…if we want security, let us give security; if we want life, let us give life; if we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities. The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us.
Obviously I disagree with His Excellency. I believe his motive for opposition is that the Christians in ISIS territory (Iraq and Syria) are also barred from traveling to the United States during the period of pause and evaluation. 

To be clear, this ban has nothing to do with religion (as the radical left thinks it solely targets Muslims), but to protect U.S. citizens and other lawful immigrants against potential terrorist attacks. The seven countries with the ban are the most terror and war-torn countries on the planet right now, and with the exception of those already on Green Cards, we have no clue who these people are. Immigration policy has been a bipartisan broken disaster over the past 15 to 20 years, and this is the first step to fixing it. Ultimately, Congress must rewrite the immigration laws that only allow the best and brightest into the U.S., and have a merit-based system.

For those who didn't know, the Constitution does not fully apply to non citizens. The President has the right to ban anyone who is not a U.S. citizen from entering the country, according to a 1952 law, with no reason whatsoever. The clause in Article VI of the Constitution regarding the ban on religious tests only applies to holding public office and has nothing to do with anything else. 

The Bishop's job is the salvation of souls of his flock and not to be an immigration activist. Clearly, the bishops of Massachusetts are joining in Attorney General Maura "Hold It" Healey's bogus lawsuit, since they stood silent against men using the ladies room. 

If you happen to still go to one of Bishop McManus' Novus Ordo parishes, don't even bother giving to the annual Partners in Charity fundraiser. His Excellency should be focusing on who is physically present in his diocese. 

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