Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Message 2016 (500th post)

Glory to God in the highest, and peace to all men of good will. 

2016 was a very difficult year for me overall. I had to deal with several Massachusetts moonbats on a daily basis and did not like it one bit. I also had to speak out against the heretical Catholic clergy (including Frankenpope) and voice my support for the Dubia authored by Cardinal Burke et al. because no Catholic clergy in New England have published or said anything publicly about it. 

Clearly, this blog (on my 500th post) has cost me virtually everything; what did me in was my initial endorsement of Rick Santorum for President and my eventual decision to vote for President Trump. While my vote did not matter with the Electoral College in my state and the eventual winner not being my first choice, the stakes were all too high to write-in somebody who had no chance of winning. If the results were different I wouldn't be able to write this message today. 

I have never had real family support for being a Traditionalist Catholic. 2017, the Fatima Year, will be my seventh year exclusively attending the Tridentine Mass for my Sunday duty. While nothing is certain, all I can say is that pretty much most of my living relatives average age is 65 and they only care about their monthly handouts when they retire. They went along with V2 in their youth and think Bergoglio is the best thing in the world. 

For the record, I've never had a safe space, and I practically live in a 10' x 10' cell/shelter. I don't like it, but with thyroid problems being evicted onto the street (which is my preferred place rather than public housing) will cost me my life. In my immediate area there's no priest available to administer Extreme Unction nor step in and say a Requiem Mass for me and properly bury me, so I have to be very careful what I do.

In order for me to properly practice the Catholic Faith, I'm going to have to be rescued from my current moribund situation. I don't know how it's going to work out, but I do need support from real Catholics and real Americans. 

I love Massachusetts and the Boston area, but I don't love the liberal bull. 

The economy might be doing better in the Bay State than the rest of the nation, but I'm a deplorable because I don't play along with moloch. I can't get ahead because of several factors that discriminate against Christians. 

Personally, as a theme of this blog, no young Catholic woman in New England wants to even see me because I attend the Latin Mass, insist on daily patriotism at home and that my prospective mate be a U.S. citizen. 

I want permanently reside in the Boston area, but considering the sad state of politics and ecclesiology this may not happen. I actually don't mind snowy winters as long I can avoid yearly tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes! Massachusetts provides this.

Boston can return to be the City on the Hill and the birthplace of America if we convince everyone about what made America really great. 

Whether you just came home from Midnight Mass or plan to attend later this morning, I do ask that you pray for me daily starting today. 

May God Bless you on this 2016th Birthday of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and may the upcoming New Year be prosperous for you and I. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nothing American about the American Institute of Architects anymore

Two years ago today my architect friend passed away. He was a 40+ year practitioner who still drew by hand most of his work in traditional styles. Unlike most registered architects in the Boston area, he was not a member of the American Institute of Architects, nor he was required by law to be one. (I know many who aren't AIA members and are successful.) Despite exceeding the amount of continuing ed. credits required for license renewal in most states, the AIA elitism isn't necessarily producing sustainable results for the protection of American architects and their jobs. 

This month's issue of Architectural Record features the monthly introduction column from the magazine's editor pretty much ripping Robert Ivy, FAIA for initially promising to work with the Trump Administration. (After outcry from AIA members, he recanted.) The column then rips the Republican Party for wanting to put limits on legal immigration by reducing the amount of visas issued, and further accuses the GOP for not going along with the climate change propaganda. The column also explicitly states that more Women and African Americans must become architects (which there are plenty where I'm from anyway). 

While the Boston Society of Architects, the Eastern Mass. AIA chapter (and the nation's oldest) supports climate change because the most of the City of Boston are man-made  landfill extensions of the Shawmut Peninsula, this might not be appropriate for other parts of the country. For example, the New England climate actually changes seasonally, so we New Englanders actually witness true climate change on a quarterly basis. When snow falls in Florida by fluke, everyone panics. 

Again, I am not ripping individual dues-paying AIA architect-members because their national office decided to recant support for the new President of the United States. They are hard-working men and women who've sacrificed most of their young adulthood to get where they are today: licensed to practice architecture. (I know a bunch of them.) But since there are no mention of building codes in the Constitution, I would expect a once-fully patriotic organization with "American" in it's name to embrace Federalism and the Tenth Amendment. Building codes are state and local statutes because of local meteorology. 

The AIA should not be a political organization and should focus on its own dues-paying membership. I suggest that if you are a dues paying AIA member and if you are offended by what your bosses said, then you should not renew your membership and professionally go by "John Doe, Architect."

Many of us are having trouble finding work in the field of architecture because of the preference of the visa holder in most major cities. Since an architect is not a floor sweeper I'm not going to rip someone who's no trouble from working in the United States, but people like me have been left behind deliberately, in my humble opinion. 

Yours truly, someone who could actually pass the architect licensure test and knows what's going on, lost a scholarship because of obeying the law. How long are good professional people going to get screwed? 

Make Architecture Great Again!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Vatican guidelines on seminaries issued

The Vatican's Congregation of the Clergy has issued (in English) "The Gift of the Priestly Vocation" today, the Feast of Mary's Immaculate Conception. While there are good key sections of the document that reject clericalism (34 § 2) and homosexuality (189 and 199), there are concerning problems with the document that will creep into seminary formation:

  • Rejection of seminarians with "ostentatious preoccupation with the liturgy." (42)
  • Families, youth, students, and "the poor" must be able to visit seminaries. (52 § 2)
  • Suggests the Church Fathers and Doctors invented therapy. (93 ¶ 2) 
  • Seminarians must tell faculty their life's story (94 ¶ 2) and use social media (97 ¶ 2). 
  • Seminarians must be taught how to be SJWs. (111, 122, and 172)
  • Seminarians must be taught not to judge future parishioners in light of Catholic Moral Tradition. (120)
  • Seminarians must be taught to never say that "outside the Catholic Church there's no salvation." (121 and 161)
  • Only diocesan priests can be involved in seminary formation. (129)
  • Seminarians must be taught about medicine, ecology, and yes, climate change propaganda. (145)
  • The seminarian's family should be involved in his priestly vocation even though he is solely responsible for his education at the age of majority. (149)
  • Women must be allowed to teach seminary. (151)
  • Seminary transfers very discouraged. (198)
God help us if the bishops follow these updated guidelines. 

Mary Immaculate, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Do not support "Fast Track Annulments"

Please listen to the video below from a faithful priest on why the simplified annulment process is going to make everything worse: