Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Real Deplorables

The Democratic Party constituency groups have held riots, marches, and protests the past few nights protesting the results of the Presidential Election. How classless. If you can't accept the results of a democratically held election then you have no business being in the United States. 

For the fifth time in U.S. history the popular vote winner lost the Electoral College, which I would assume is another reason why they would protest. The 2000 Election was controversial, but there were no riots after the Supreme Court ruling that I could recall. 

Since American history and civics are not taught properly in our schools anymore, these (mostly) young folks don't know the purpose of the Electoral College. They also don't understand that the United States is a Republic and not a democracy. Every state government, (active) county government, and most local governments are not representative democracies since we elect persons to represent us in governmental affairs. The only true democracies within the United States are the very small towns with open town hall meetings, where every registered voter has a vote on legislation of local ordinances, etc. 

The Founding Fathers did not "one man, one vote" for the President because democracy is considered mob rule. The Electoral College gives the small states a chance at the table; otherwise the Democrats, who control most major metropolitan areas, would win every time and the small states population-wise wouldn't matter. 

In theory, the popular vote winner should also win the Electoral College, which has happened most of the time anyway. But if California didn't allow illegals to vote and Evan McMullin didn't make a serious run in the state of Utah, Trump would have won the popular vote. 

Queen H. might have got the most votes overall, but that will only amount to 48% of the vote, not a majority! 52% of the people actually voted for Trump or someone else, which are the majority. These 48%, in voting for this treasonous candidate, clearly have no allegiance to the USA. These 48% are disrupting the lives of those who have basic allegiance to the USA. 

Here in the Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts, H got 61% of the vote to win the 11 electoral votes, while Trump only got 33% of the vote. Including the third-party candidates, only 39% of Bay State citizens voted for allegiance to the United States. This is very concerning

Looking at the county-breakdown map from 

Massachusetts, Vermont, Hawaii, and D.C. are the only states that Trump did not win a county. The D-party is reduced to a regional party. If the popular vote were the measure on how we elect the President, then all the blue counties (which are mostly heavily-Democratic metropolitan areas) listed above would elect the President without even a majority of the voters! 

Ecclesiastically, Bergoglio has labeled young Traditionalist Catholics as "too rigid" because they uphold everything the Catholic Church believes and teaches (including the necessity of the Tridentine Latin Mass) and he doesn't. Frankenpope was backing Clinton so he caters to the 48% and is upset at America. TOO BAD. 

I've taken a lot of heat for announcing in September that I would vote for Trump for the survival of the Republic and my right to practice Traditional Catholicism. For those 48% who think the President-elect is a racist bigot and want to leave the country because of it, feel free to leave. He wouldn't have come close if he were a racist, trust me. 

During the last eight year of an Obama administration, I am worse-off. I was accepted, enrolled, and was forced out of a good architecture program because I simply obeyed the law  in my coursework. This had nothing to do with politics per se, but the same thing would have happened if this happened during the campaign season. 

Because of my religious and philosophical beliefs, I believe, but cannot prove in a court of law, I was discriminated every time I sent in a resume for a job. The people who run most of the companies today are in bed with liberalism (not the classical Jeffersonian kind) and think I would be a cancer.

Even amongst young Traditional Catholics, there are unfortunately no uniform positions. While the New Hampshire chapter of Juventutem supports the SSPX, the Boston chapter does not. Because, as a Bay State resident who does not attend SSPX Masses (because of their limited presence in the state) but defends them and orders material from Angelus Press now and then, I believe I've been turned-away from potential readers of this blog who want to be my wife. 

I hope this is not the case in the near future, but I've not been on a date since the last Republican administration. This might be a tall tell sign of good things to come, but again nothing is guaranteed. All I can say is I don't plan to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family (immediate and extended) because most of them despise me. 

Now is the time...

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