Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chicken Charlie: "We are a global commonwealth"

The Republican Party might now have won control of the Federal Government and a supermajority of state legislatures and governorships, but Massachusetts RINO Gov. Charlie Baker has declared that "we are a global commonwealth" at a press conference this morning, in reference to a Trump administration potentially withholding Federal money to sanctuary cities (cities who don't obey immigration laws and harbor bergoglios). 

Baker is up for re-election in 2018 and needs to be defeated. But there is one problem: the MassGOP is the most liberal chapter of the Republican Party in the country and will only back a liberal to moderate candidate. Small businessman and true conservative Mark Fisher had to sue the MassGOP just to appear on the primary ballot because at the 2014 state convention they counted blanks as votes, which brought Mr. Fisher below the 15% threshold to hold a state primary. He actually got his 15% amongst actual votes, and got 25% of the vote in the September primary that year. 

Chicken Charlie regularly genuflects to the (D) Legislature by signing bills to allow men to use the ladies room, unnecessary pay equity inquiries, and treating drug addicts like little snowflakes. He wanted to lift the cap on charter schools but the two-thirds of the voters disagreed because we know it would have hurt the small, rural, successful regular public schools. Instead of fighting the teachers unions and fighting for improvement to the existing educational infrastructure, his charter school cronies wanted to get around it but formulating a ballot question that would have hurt the small public school districts. 

The Governor is wrong when he refers to Massachusetts as a "global commonwealth." We are one of the United States and are subject to the U.S. Constitution. We're one of the original Thirteen Colonies that fought the American Revolutionary War and won. Is this statement Charlie's version of trying to secede from the Union? Would Massachusetts build a wall around the state borders to prevent us from going to Hampton Beach?

In either event, in order to save the Commonwealth, Massachusetts will have to elect an independent conservative as Governor in 2018. (What I mean by independent is "unenrolled" and not a member of the United Independent Party.) This candidate will have a tough time in a potential three-way race indeed, but is doable since about 52% of Bay State voters don't belong to a political party. If they all show up to vote in two years for this candidate then this person wins. (Since the D-party is now a soft-terrorist organization we can't afford them to entrust them with any office anymore!) 

Could you be a patriotic unsung hero? 

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