Monday, October 3, 2016

This Election may have illegitimate result...

The 2016 Presidential Election may not be a fair election to begin with. There have been several reports of Dept. of Homeland Security officials asked to work overtime to rubber-stamp citizenship papers for terrorists, illegal voter registrations, and now most recently the UN interfering in America's electoral process by asking U.S. citizens (civilians) living abroad to register to vote in the states (very hard to do)! 

George Soros is pulling the strings for the (D) party. Most of the recent riots are professional protestors paid by him to help Queen Hillary. 

Depending on what the final results are, there is more reason to believe that foreign interference would have played a key role if Hillary is declared the winner once she gets her 270 electoral votes. If she abnormally picks up some states that traditionally heavily lean Republican (e.g. Texas) on her way to victory, then you can say that this election is rigged. 

If for some reason no candidate gets 270 electoral votes, presumably because one of the third-party candidates wins a state or two to block someone, then it will be up to the current House of Representatives, and there is nothing We the People can do. 

It is very clear that the Democratic Party no longer has their allegiance to the United States, hence Hillary not wearing a flag pin at the first debate. She is bought and paid for by foreign dictators. Her "H" symbol will become the new swastika. 

The Republicans are all not angels either, but at least they know whose side their on.

A Hillary win will most likely mean another civil war in the United States. More conservative states like Texas might seriously consider secession as the means of their states' survival. Instead of a potential wall on the Mexican border there might even be borders between state boundaries, which would be shameful!

On ideology, a Hillary government will most likely get rid of 163 million people via the worst mass genocide the world will ever see. This is another reason why no one in the right mind can vote for her! 

Finally, if she does win with or without suspicious results, state authorities and citizens should resist a Hillary Clinton administration. If she isn't elected in a free and fair manner, then she is not going to be recognized as the first female president, but as the first Queen.

UPDATE on Columbus Day: 

Please watch video statement below...