Friday, September 23, 2016

Unbelievable: Springfield Mass. Diocese has new high school named for Bergoglio!

Today is September 23rd, the autumn Ember Friday. Today is also the feast of St. Padre Pio, whose feast technically doesn't exist liturgically in the calendar of the missal he always said Mass according to up until his death. 

Fourteen years after Padre Pio's canonization, it is considered hate speech to name a church or school after any saint who either only said, knew, or attended the Traditional Latin Mass, a.k.a. the Catholic Mass. While relics of any class are required to be inserted into the altar mensa (stone) in order to consecrate a church and name it after that particular saint, there are less restrictions for Catholic schools and charitable organizations. It is very praiseworthy to name a Catholic school after a canonized saint of the Church or a local bishop or priest who supported Catholic education. (Cardinal Spellman in Brockton, Archbishop Williams in Braintree, and Bishop Fenwick in Peabody, all in the Archdiocese of Boston, are a few examples.) 

But the Springfield Diocese, which covers Western Massachusetts, is pretty much hippie country, and there never were a lot of Catholics in this area anyhow. When Cathedral High School was blown away by the 2011 Tornado, it closed for good. Holyoke Catholic High School saw facing low enrollment, so the two were merged into a new school named after--guess who--Pope Francis. 

Pope Francis High School is currently in temporary quarters until the new school is finished by 2018. They are using the "prep school" format where all the students where pretty uniforms. They require 60 hours of community service to graduate, and it costs $9300 this year for tuition, more than many community colleges! (For more info, look at the school's website at your own risk.)

I only came across this school after reading a high school football preview pull-out section from my local newspaper, and one of the schools had Pope Francis on the schedule. But it is classless to name a school after a pope who is never going to be canonized. 

What would happen if someone named a school after Archbishop Lefebvre? 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back online, a lot to catch up on...

After computer issues over the past three weeks I'm finally able to post something. There have been several things going on that I would like to summarize:

Sitting for the National Anthem

The modern-day (D) party is responsible for encouraging treasonous behavior, including, but not limited to, sitting down or kneeling for the National Anthem or abstaining from the Pledge of Allegiance. (See Title 36 of the U.S.C. for the statutes) With the sitting President encouraging this behavior, I have no plans to vote for a Democrat for Federal office indefinitely. 

Since Colin Kaepernick is a demoted quarterback making $12 million as a bench warmer, the NFL should have had the balls to fine him. But they don't require anyone to stand who's bodily-able to do so. (The NBA requires all persons in the arena to stand.)

Could Hillary Drop Out?

I'm obviously not voting for Hillary Clinton because what she will do to anyone who loves this country. But if she withdrew at this stage of the game, this would complicate things even more. Early voting is occurring now in some states, and with the ballots already printing for the election, her name will appear on them. The 20th Amendment only mentions that the Vice President-elect would become President if the winner dies, but doesn't mention if a candidate withdraws. If the DNC were to announce a write-in candidate, then people may not follow-through. In most states the electors are still bound to the winning candidate, even if he or she withdrew or died before election day. So this could almost guarantee a Trump win. 

Frankenpope Allows Bishops to Appoint Lay Officiants for Marriage

Behind everyone's back, Pope Francis has issued a motu proprio on May 31st that bishops may delegate laypersons as officiants for weddings in their dioceses when there is no priest or deacon available to officiate. I WILL NEVER ENTERTAIN SUCH PRACTICES.