Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Is Katie Ledecky a devout Catholic?

God Bless Katie Ledecky! God Bless Team USA!
Since Olympic Gold Medalist Kathleen "Katie" Ledecky from Team USA says a Hail Mary before she swims, she has been reported by several news outlets as a "devout" Catholic. But does saying the Hail Mary alone make you a devout Catholic? 

The 19-year-old from Bethesda,  Maryland comes from a well-to-do family who sent her to Catholic schools. Fine, but so many "Catholic" schools accept anyone with money. Many of her classmates might have not been baptized Catholics. 

Unless Katie starts attending the Traditional Latin Mass, I would not count her in as a devout Catholic. Since her Olympic training might have interfered with her ability to attend a proper Sunday Mass, it is not her fault. 

Katie Ledecky is only a lay woman. But according to the August 12th edition of the "Catholic" Free Press , the Bishop of Worcester sat as a spectator at Bishop Athanasius Schneider's Pontifical High Mass at World Youth Day sponsored by Juventutem. (I can't imagine this was an official WYD event.) Supposedly this was his first Pontifical liturgy since his seminary days. 

As Bishop, he is responsible for the liturgy in his diocese. The fact that Bishop McManus can leave his diocese to be an official catechist at Catholic Woodstock and attend a Pontifical High Mass that Woodstockers would never attend shows that he is selling his flock out. Why isn't he relocating his episcopal throne to the Gospel side of St. Paul's Cathedral, moving the altar back against the reredos, and start offering Pontifical High Masses in his own cathedral church as a real bishop would? 

Young Catholics like Katie Ledecky are being corrupted in their spiritual life on a daily basis because of Vatican II. Please pray for them. 

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