Friday, July 29, 2016

World Youth Day debuts porno sex-ed curriculum

I never supported World Youth Day because it's a Catholic Woodstock. But just like the 1969 festival at Bethel, New York, the Vaticanhas decided to hold workshops on how to present sex education in CCD classes. Life Site News has a disturbing slideshow of some of the material, many of which are pornographic. (Because they're so bad I'm not going to link to it.)

I have added the trademark symbol after the name of the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church because it ceases to be the spiritual headquarters. To those Bible-believing Protestants: St. Peter was the first Pope, but the Church is located over his tomb of martyrdom in Rome. There is no mention of a Vatican.

He might wear a white cassock, but if a pope doesn't not fulfilling the Petrine office faithfully, he is not to be followed. 

The Catholic Church is comprised with all orthodox believers (clergy and lay) who uphold all her Magisterial teachings and liturgical rites. They could live anywhere. 

The Church could be located anywhere in theory. Just look at the Avignon Papacies. 

Any of the bishops who are present at WYD instead of governing their dioceses should be condemning this once and for all. 

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine's parish

In his acceptance speech to be Hillary Clinton's viceroy, Sen. Tim Kaine mentioned his Jesuit schooling and membership at St. Elizabeth's Parish in Richmond, Virginia. Below is a recent screenshot from the parish Facebook:

(I blacked-out the names and icons of the commentators for privacy reasons.) If you read the first two comments to this imprimatur, I feel your pain. The Bergoglio ticket is now complete (with a fluent-Spanish speaker).

Under a Clinton-Kaine reign, expect to see the following within the first hundred days:
  • The virtual repeal of the First, Second, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments;
  • A pathway to legalization for anyone who entered the United States of America illegally;
  • The criminalization of private schools;
  • A Federal tax on almost everything;
  • 30-something-year-old feminists with no practical or judicial experience nominated to  the Supreme Court and throughout the Federal Judiciary;
I'm not kidding! 

Liberals and moderates have dismissed Donald Trump's nomination speech as too negative and dark. BUT THESE ARE DARK TIMES! America is in it's most dangerous time period since the Civil War. At this point, IF TRUMP WINS, THEN TRUMP WINS. This is not an endorsement, but I would expect whichever party who controls Congress next term to impeach and remove anyone who violates the Constitution. If The Donald misbehaves in the Oval Office or the Lincoln Bedroom, then I would prefer Mike Pence to step-in over Tim Kaine.

If Trump looses, then it will be the fault of Reince Priebus for allowing the debates to become entertainment. It will partially be the fault of Ted Cruz, who in my opinion should have not quit after Indiana and stayed until he was mathematically eliminated. If Trump didn't get his 1237 votes at the convention, then Cruz would have been the nominee, and we would have a chance. 

It is very ironic that the Democrats are holding their convention in Philadelphia, the place where the First and Second Continental Congresses met, and the Declaration of Independence written. Today's (D) party is not your grandfather's; they simply have no allegiance to the United States

If Trump wins and you really don't like it here, you have the right to leave. The United States does not force people to stay here if they don't want to live here. If you want to move to Canada with all the Hollywood celebrities, fine. But someone like me will be executed if I try to escape to the United Kingdom. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Replacement MacBook Pro configured; more bad news to catch up on...

I'm writing this post from my newly-configured replacement MacBook Pro. So without further ado, here are some of the bad headlines in the news recently:

I. MassGOP Governor signs Bathroom Bill

Signed into law on Friday, July 8th by RINO Charlie Baker, men can now use the ladies room and vice-versa. This is not to allow transgender persons, but those those of "gender identity." Just complaining about this stupid law can land someone as a convicted felon with a years sentence in state prison. 

II. Crooked Comey lets Crooked Hillary off the hook

The FBI is not a Federal Bureau of Integrity anymore. J. Edgar Hoover must be rolling in his grave. But why would the FBI Director accuse Hillary Clinton of reckless behavior (which was worse than originally thought) and then let her go with a warning? Since he is an Obama appointee, that's why. The (D) party doesn't believe in law and order. And since an FBI Director has a ten-year fixed term, only Congress can impeach and remove him. 

III. The War on Cops continues

More police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year than ever, and the most recent incident where five in Dallas were killed shows that America's Second Civil War is all about law and order and Judeo-Christian principles. 

Lastly, a fun political poster...