Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We've seen nothing yet

Today is Flag Day, a very important day for Americans. It is the 239th birthday of Old Glory, our nation's Flag. If you're kids are (still) in school today, I hope that they have an outdoor Flag Day ceremony at the flagpole in front of the school (weather permitting).

Unfortunately, the American Flag is being burned by terrorists who disrupt Donald Trump's campaign events while waving the Mexican flag and injuring innocent Americans who have the right to attend these events. At the San Jose riots, only four people were arrested out of over those hundreds of thugs.

This was not just a partisan issue, but an American issue. These riots are nothing compared to what would happen under a Hillary reign. (Yes, Hillary is running to be the dictator, not the President of the United States.) The Democratic party is now showing their true color: red blood. The (D) Mayor and Police chief of San Jose told the officers just to stand there in riot gear and do nothing. 

The (D) party and their policies have devastated this country the past eight years. Another liberal control of both Congress with a liberal President equals the end of America unless an Article V Convention of States is called. A (D) President with a (D) Senate majority will ensure the confirmation of at least three radical leftist Supreme Court justices who will interpret the Constitution for what it isn't. (E.g. repeal the Bill of Rights) Gone will be my right to practice my faith. Gone will be the freedom to run a blog like this one. Gone will be the right to peacefully protest. Gone will be the right to own a gun if you're a law-abiding citizen. Gone will be the required search warrant. Gone will be private property. Gone will be your right to a jury trial.

Loyalty to one's country is now more vital since the issue of the Trump University lawsuit and the American-born but Mexican-descented Federal judge who is presiding over the case. While Trump was stupid to even mention the case (since who cares about Trump University anyway?) during a Presidential campaign, there are valid concerns of impartiality because the judge is part of a group affiliated with the Mexican supremacist group La Raza. For those (D)s who are in public office, I doubt their allegiance to the United States for most of them.

If you are registered (D), then I would suggest to change your registration to something else before the election. It is evident that this party wants to complete the destruction of America. If you are a Latin Mass (or Eastern) Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, or Orthodox Jew, the world's largest holocaust awaits for all of us...

This column is not an endorsement of Donald Trump, since his behavior is troublesome for many Republicans, both Whigs and conservatives. Many people joined the GOP just to vote for Trump. Additionally, his positions are not clear on abortion, marriage, and bathrooms.

This election will determine whether or not we'll have a country by 2020. If you are a Republican and are okay with four years of Hillary Clinton, then God help us all. 

Back in the day there was a time that both Republicans and Democrats were patriotic. Andrew Jackson, FDR, JFK, LBJ, and Jimmy Carter would not get nominated by today's Democratic Party. 

On the ecclesiastical side of things, there is no surprise that Pope Francis backs Clinton. The USCCB is the unorthodox religious wing of the (D) party. You wonder why they rather coddle bergoglios over lawful citizens. 

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