Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mass. House of Reps. passes worst bill ever: allowing men in the ladies room

Today, the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted 116-36 to allow transgender persons to use whichever bathroom or locker room they choose. This is wrong.

This is the latest blow to the once great Commonwealth. Despite this House version requiring the Attorney General, Maura "Hold It" Healey, to issue regulations regarding enforcement for improper identity, the Senate colorfully passed it's version and will vote for the House version. RINO Gov. Charlie Baker is going to sign the House version.

Despite the proposal of 30 amendments to exempt schools and minors from the bill, etc., they were all defeated.

The reason why we are at this point because of the Novus Ordo wing of the Catholic Church. Cardinal O'Malley, Bishop McManus (Worcester), Bishop Roszinski (Springfield), Bishop Da Cuhna (Fall River) and their auxiliaries and their apostolic superiors did nothing to stop this. They and their most immediate predecessors are directly responsible for not preaching the truth on Faith and Morals since the 1960's. In turn, the baptized-Catholic-majority in Mass. have continuously re-elected these legislators. The Catholic legislators who voted for this and other sins will pay at the end.

The one-party (D) rule in Mass. for the past fifty years is running the Commonwealth into the ground! As a matter in fact, a majority of our registered voters are independent! I am one of them! The MassGOP is a country club where conservatives are not priority. 

It's time for a fresh independent candidate to seek the Governorship in 2018. A common citizen out of nowhere will have to emerge to make a herculean effort to take back our Commonwealth! 

Right now, once this (House version of the) Bathroom Bill takes effect January 1st, anyone who simply complains can be arrested and criminally charged, and face up to two years in state prison and up to a $2500 fine! YOU WILL BECOME A CONVICTED FELON UNDER THIS STUPID LAW.

On the next post I will call out the spades who voted for this...

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