Friday, April 22, 2016

Report: Norwegian bishop says "No" to signing civil marriage licenses

Here it goes: Catholics in Norway will no longer be able to legally marry, thanks to the state-run Norwegian Lutheran Church's governing body voted to allow same-sex marriages. The Bishop of Oslo and three other Protestant leaders have ordered their clergy not to sign civil marriage licenses because of this vote. (News item here)

Catholics have been a small minority in Scandinavia since the Reformation. Before that several canonized saints were produced. Now it is all lost for good. 

The few Norwegian Catholics who wish to marry now have to leave the country just to do so. 

Martin Luther invented civil marriage because he did not consider matrimony a sacrament. This heresy spread worldwide. In states (or countries) where you need a license to marry, you need a license to marry, period. For the past twelve years newlyweds in Massachusetts have been filling-out the blasphemous Romney Marriage License, which must be filled-out and signed by clergy if they are to officiate. 

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