Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Social media info image gets Sacred Triduum wrong!

Jonathan Teixeira and Melissa Keating have produced a chart for the Focus Blog entitled "An Illustrated Guide to the Triduum." Naturally there are quite a few errors associated with it. 

First of all, they state that the color of the vestments for the Good Friday Mass of the Presanctified are red. This is false as the priest actually wears black as the Requiem for Jesus Christ. 

The second error is for Holy Saturday Easter Vigil, the priest wears white throughout. This is false, since the first half of the Easter Vigil is the actual vigil service, where the priest wears purple. After the consecration of the Paschal Candle, the Prophecies, the Litanies, (and if so the Baptisms) the priest vests for the First Mass of Easter, which is separate from the vigil service. The reason why the Easter Vigil is not allowed to begin until after sunset is so meant to have the first Easter Mass beginning around Midnight (like Christmas). Often times it is shorter if there are no baptisms. After Mass the Great Lauds of Easter are sung (and therefore no Last Gospel). 

Finally, in the section for the Easter Vigil called "Live the Day," there's a picture of a chicken bone with the caption "Have a feast!" No one should not have meat until they have fulfilled there Easter Sunday obligation by attending Mass. (You have until Trinity Sunday to fulfill your Easter communion duty.) 

Typical Novus Ordo. 

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