Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Please sign petition to stop dishonoring St. Patrick!

Please sign this petition sponsored by Mass Resistance and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts to the Allied Veterans War Council of South Boston to STOP DISHONORING SAINT PATRICK! 

This year's parade, like last year's, will be LGBT inclusive at the request of Mayor Marty Walsh. This has caused Faithful Catholics to boycott St. Patrick's Day Parades all over the world. Additionally, this year's parade route has been shortened by two miles. 

Most persons in today's dark world, and many in the Church, have no clue that St. Patrick's Day always falls during LENT. This year's South Boston parade is scheduled for PALM SUNDAY, where there should be a procession of palms instead. Lenten feasts take precedent on the liturgical calendar, and St. Patrick's Day is only a commemoration on weekdays of Lent. 

Unfortunately, because St. Patrick is a principal patron of the Archdiocese of Boston, his feast day is a Double of the First Class, where white vestments and the Gloria are sung. Any parish named after St. Patrick (Natick, Stoneham, Watertown, Roxbury; Rutland and Whitinsville in the Worcester Diocese, to name a few local examples) celebrates March 17th the same way (unless it falls on Sunday or Holy Week). 

In my personal opinion, there should no parades for St. Patrick because his day falls during Lent for a reason. I've never been to one since I marched in one as a kid and have no future plans to continue. 

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