Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday: 25th anniversary of the passing of Archbishop Lefebvre

Abp. Lefebvre, pray for us!
Twenty-five years ago today, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre died. 

If it were not for the efforts of this (should-be canonized) saint, no layperson would be attending the Traditional Latin Mass nor receiving the unreformed Sacraments. No priest (whether diocesan or religious) would be saying the Traditional Mass today if Archbishop Lefebvre didn't start the SSPX. The priests of all traditionalist priestly orders (regardless of philosophical or political differences) would not have been admitted to seminary by most modernist diocesan bishops. 

Quite frankly, with the Belgian ISIS attack this past Monday shows that we are all lucky to be alive. If it weren't for the traditionalist priests and bishops: Our Catholic Clergy, the world would have ended a while ago. Their offerings of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every day are keeping the world existent. 

Ultimately, his decision to consecrate bishops without a Papal mandate near the end of his natural life was the right one, regardless of where you currently attend Mass. Without a doubt, he was holier than the post-Vatican II popes combined. I fear that no one as holy and pious as Marcel Lefebvre will occupy the throne of Peter anytime in my lifetime (that is, as compatible as Pope St. Pius X). In return no one decent will be consecrated to the episcopacy with a Papal mandate anytime soon. 

It is fitting that this anniversary happens to fall on Good Friday this year, where Jesus Christ died for the remission of our sins. The blood of martyrdom awaits all Christians. 

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