Thursday, February 18, 2016

Francis plays politics, essentially endorses Democratic nominee for President

Pope Francis called any idea of building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border "not Christian" today aboard the flight home from his visit to Mexico. This comment was mainly directed at Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Such comments state that he is asking American Catholics to vote for the Democrat on November 8th. 

Let's define a new term for people who or support those who just walk over the border, steal jobs from American-born persons, don't bother learning English, don't care for assimilation, don't care for the Constitution, civility, the Flag, and in certain respects the natural law. Let's call them bergoglios (with a lowercase b). 

Most bergoglios on the ecclesiastical side of things will not assimilate to the Council of Trent and the unaltered sacraments. Why do you think that mostly every American Catholic diocese has specialized ministries such as "Hispanic Ministry", "Polish Ministry", "African Ministry", and so forth. The last I checked the Archdiocese of Boston has Novus Ordo Masses in 21 different languages! 

Historically, the Vatican never endorsed the practice of ethnic parishes. It was allowed under the 1917 Code of Canon Law as a purpose to assist displaced European immigrants to America from Communist persecution. (This is still retained in the 1983 Code.) Like a congressional district, your parish is supposed to be where you live. (Unless you're a D.C. insider, you don't have a "personal" congressman!) All parishes are supposed to be territorial! 

The common denominator with the Old World immigrants and native born Americans is they assimilated. They learned English if they needed to. They adopted the U.S. Constitution as their own. They became citizens the right way via the process at the time. They kissed Europe goodbye. And if they were Catholic (which most were), they attended the same Traditional Latin Mass as their American born counterparts and new neighbors. 

As years passed, most historically Italian, French-Canadian, Lithuanian, German, and Scandinavian Catholic parishes in the United States heard their priests deliver their Sunday sermons in English. Once Vatican II closed, many of these ethnic parishes adopted English Masses. At home they taught their kids to speak English only. There was no "Press 1 for Gaelic, 2 for French, 3 for Italian, 4 for German" and so forth in the first 175 years of the United States of America. 

The American bishops at the time, however, thought that ethnic parishes were the best way to help these new immigrants become Americans. In many older cities there were often two parish churches right next to each other: one would be the territorial parish for English speakers, the other would be the ethnic parish for the largest immigrant group in the neighborhood. The condition of registering at an ethnic parish was that you had to have a surname from the ethnic group. (Ecclesiastical Jim Crow, right?)

For those who attend the TLM, it is most likely in your non-residential parish (which is a whole different issue altogether), and most likely has Catholics from different races and ethnicities. They all have assimilated to Catholic Tradition. 

The elimination of the requirement of the Latin language in the Church's sacred rites (along with the reforms) have destroyed the unity of 99% of the world's Catholics (the other 1% are the legitimate Eastern rites). Being politically correct and not assimilating new Americans of Hispanic decent in many forms (including bilingual ballots and official government paperwork) will destroy what was once the greatest nation on earth.

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