Friday, January 1, 2016

Rick Santorum best chance to restore America

Happy New Year to all of good will. Today is also the feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose parents obeyed the Mosaic Law by having their son circumcised eight days after His birth. 

A new year can mean new things, for the better or for the worst. Unfortunately, the United States of America is headed down the wrong direction. It is being destroyed from within the ranks of the political class. The consensus out there is that voting for a Republican for President on November 8th is solely the answer, regardless of who the nominee is. But there are key differences between the GOP candidates thus far, for example:

  • Jeb Bush supports big government, Common Core, and amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • Marco Rubio is for amnesty
  • Rand Paul thinks we don't need a military
  • Chris Christie signed a bill to ban gay conversion therapy in New Jersey
  • John Kasich is another Bush
  • Dr. Ben Carson's campaign and proposed "tithe" to Capitol Hill are a joke; he is really running for Surgeon General
  • Carly Fiorina is really running for Vice President, because most uninformed women voters already have their sights on Hillary
  • Ted Cruz supports birth control (although good on other areas)
Which brings us down to final three. 

Mike Huckabee, although staunchly pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Israel, proposes a Federal Sales Tax in place of the income tax, which could cause many people not to shop for certain items. He is most likely running for Vice President. 

Donald Trump is leading in most GOP polls because of his name recognition and fame as a businessman who earned all of his money through his own empire. Although he can buy himself the White House with his own money, his demeanor could put him at-risk for impeachment. Therefore he is not my preferred choice. 

So therefore, I am proudly happy to endorse Rick Santorum for President of the United States of America!

Rick Santorum came in second place in 2012, thanks to blue-collar, working-class conservative Republicans. His very strong work ethic and and never-say-die attitude have carried over to 2016. He doesn't believe in the media polls because they only sample a select few. 

Rick Santorum has a tax plan called "The 20:20 Clear Vision for America", where the current IRS code will be "exploded" and replaced with a flat, general income tax at 20% for both individuals and businesses. Individuals and married couples with minor children will receive a $2750 credit per household member, while retaining the deductibles for donations to charity and up to $25,000 on interest on a family's primary residence. Businesses who relocate from overseas will be granted a three-year repatriation period, where they will pay nothing in the first year, 10% in the second year, and the standard 20% in the third and subsequent years. 

Rick Santorum will put American workers first. He will end the abusive H1B Visa program and reduce the current lawful immigration numbers by 25%. He will build a wall on the Mexican border and have Americans build it, not Trump's plan of Mexico building it (because they won't).  He will require E-Verify and will deport all 11 million illegal immigrants to make sure that U.S. Citizens have the first priority at employment. 

Rick Santorum will reform Social Security and Medicare by having all income taxpayers contribute to them. Currently, only wage, tip, and salary earners pay into these programs separately from the Federal income tax, while people who pay taxes only on capital gains, interest, dividends, royalties, etc. do not contribute. In another words, Social Security and Medicare will be funded from the General Fund and not from the Trust that was broken many years ago. SO ALL WILL PAY! Medicare will be paid like a health savings account to all persons age 65 and older, where the person who lives at home and has outpatient care will receive a yearly quota to for office visits, hospitalizations, procedures, and prescriptions. 

Rick Santorum will repeal Obamacare and the Death Tax. 

Rick Santorum will defund and prosecute Planned Parenthood. He will end all Federal funding for abortion and contraception, and will fight to make them illegal.

Rick Santorum will rebuild our military, defeat ISIS, and allow our veterans to receive medical care anywhere. They deserve it. The VA will be reformed, with no new VA hospitals being built. He will keep the Selective Service as is, and end the homosexual propaganda at the Pentagon by allowing persons of faith to service our country again. 

Rick Santorum is a homeschooling dad. He believes in parental involvement in a child's education whether he goes to a public, private, or home school. He will shapely reduce the size of the Department of Education, permanently get rid of Common Core, and return the responsibility of education to the states, municipalities, and parents. 

Rick Santorum will not force college down anyone's throat. His policy proposals will help the  75% of Americans who don't have a college degree. (Liberals, on the other hand, believe college is the only way to success. The Federal Student Loan program enslaves 18-year-olds into perpetual debt.) 

Rick Santorum will cut all wasteful spending, which will balance the Federal Budget within five years. He supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution which will ensure our future generations will never have the Government in debt. (Even though Bill Clinton was able the balance the budget for the first time in American history, Hillary's plan won't even come close!)

Rick Santorum is a practicing Catholic and receives more support from Evangelical Protestants than his co-religionists. He is not friends with Cardinals Dolan, Sean, Wuerl, and DiNardo; and certainly not with most of the American episcopate. The reason is simple: Rick Santorum is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. He does not agree with the USCCB on political issues. He does not agree with Pope Francis on Laudato Si, and is correct to disagree with it. 

Unfortunately, the GOP nominated a liberal in 2012, who was not much different than Obama. 

Unfortunately, most blue-collar workers who belong to labor unions will vote Democrat again because their unions will most likely endorse Hillary Clinton. They generally will vote whom the union endorses, for most of the time it is the Democrat. But Rick Santorum values people who work hard, who get up before anyone else to do jobs that many people can but will not do. Rick Santorum is actually a Republican who backs labor. He has the best chance at beating Hillary because he can get the most bipartisan support! 

We need to take back our nation. We need people in America who love America and the Judeo-Christian principles it was founded upon. Rick Santorum will protect my First Amendment rights to practice Traditional Catholicism and run this blog. He will also protect the rights of all persons of faith from being fired from the jobs for forced out of business because they openly believe in God. 

Today's Democratic Party no longer supports labor like it used to, although candidates will pretend to care about working people. The Communist and Socialist parties have merged with the Democrats to overthrow the Constitution, the Flag, and our Heritage. If elected, Hillary (or in worst case scenario Bernie) will determine what your salary will be, what your job will be, where you will live, what car you will drive, who your doctor will be, what school your children will go to, and when you will die.

Most recently-naturalized citizens are going to vote for Hillary because Obama's lax policies on immigration have granted them a too-easy path to citizenship. Many states are now allowing non-citizens to vote, which is unconstitutional and these votes for Hillary will cancel-out lawful votes. The Democratic machine latest tactic is to encourage ineligible persons to register to vote by lying on the voter registration card that they "are a Citizen of the United States." 

As an independent voter, I have the choice of primary ballot. On March 1st in Massachusetts, I will take the GOP Presidential Ballot and cast my vote for Rick Santorum

For those who are eligible to vote in the Republican Primary, please seriously reconsider your support for the other candidates. The party's goal right now should be nominating a candidate who can beat Hillary with bipartisan support, reach out to the working-class, and serve as Commander-in-Chief with force and dignity. That candidate is Rick Santorum

No candidate or his committee is responsible for this message.