Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gay man wins lawsuit against Novus Ordo school

A married gay man who had been denied a job as head chef of an elite all-girls "Catholic" prep school has won his lawsuit today in Norfolk Superior Court. 

Matt Barrett, the plaintiff in Barrett v. Fontbonne Academy, was initially offered the position in 2013 but was later rescinded by the head mistress for listing his husband on the emergency contact form. (Mr. Barrett has since got another job.) (News item link

Judge Douglas H. Wilkins ruled that Fontbonne Academy was not a religious institution exempt from the Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Employment laws because it does not discriminate based upon religion in their services. The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts condemned the ruling, calling it "a frontal assault on religious freedom, an appalling subordination of the First Amendment to the Massachusetts gay rights law, and a victory by homosexual activists in their campaign to coerce Christians into compliance with same sex marriage." 

Despite being operated by the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph, Fontbonne Academy is not a Catholic school simply because not all of its students are Roman Catholic. Judge Wilkins interpreted that Massachusetts law defines a Catholic school where everyone involved is Catholic. That is not the case with Fontbonne, nor any other school run by any of the Catholic dioceses in Massachusetts. 

So in other words, Massachusetts law only considers a religious school as a place where everyone involved (students, teachers, principals, staff) is of the same religion. Since Boston College, despite being owned and operated by the Jesuit order, does not regard religion into its recruitment practices, it is not a religious college! Same with Holy Cross, Assumption, Anna Maria, Emmanuel, Elms, Stonehill, etc. 

So in another words, if your child goes to a "Catholic" school that accepts anyone regardless of religion, then it is not a Catholic school under Massachusetts law! 

As long as these Vatican II Novus Ordo schools worship at the altar of diversity, they will continue to lose in court. In this particular case, this school is run by a religious order and not by the Archdiocese. But as long as Cardinal Sean continues to allow non-Catholics students in his schools, he will be subject to more lawsuits. He might as well take the name "Catholic" off all his schools. 

The only true Catholic school in the Commonwealth is run by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the Saint Benedict Center in Still River (Diocese of Worcester). The Brothers and Sisters are the primary teachers, and they only accept Catholic students. And the school day begins with Daily Latin Mass. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I will definitely have a six-month courtship now!

Christmas season is only ten days away. I have determined, due to the excruciating grave circumstances within the Church and the world, that if I court/date a young Catholic woman, it will only be about a six-month courtship before I have to present her with a ring. She is going to have to want to marry me in order to see me. She is going to have to approach me somehow, somewhere. She has going to have to be an enquirant. 

I know that the latter part may seem unorthodox, but there are not very many options left in these sad days. The days of finding a local New England Catholic girl who wishes to stay are scarce. Most young Catholics (ages 18-25) today typically come from suburban, middle-to-high income families who, if they even bother attend Sunday worship, believe in the policies of the Second Vatican Council and have an 100% approval rating of Pope Francis. And when it comes to birth control, the young women are given an open-mind for its use. And when it comes to unnatural marriage, forget about it. 

She is going to have to want me. I can say "hi" to anyone before or after Mass and give them my phone number but if they don't follow-up, it doesn't matter. They have rejected me if they are single. 

So to all young aspirant (Traditional) Catholic women who want a husband, who reject divorce, who reject birth control, who will accept all children that God grants you, who want to pray with him at least twice per day, who will stand up and restore America, who will stand up and salute the flag at least once per day at home with her husband, and who are willing to die as martyrs; please come forward!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Please sign Remnant petition for Pope Francis to resign

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Unfortunately, today begins the fake "Jubilee Year of Mercy." 

The Missionaries of Mercy are not the SSPX, even though they now have ordinary jurisdiction to grant absolution. 

It is now been suggested by the head of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization that Catholics who criticize the Pope should be excommunicated. 

Bull. Time for Francis to step down. He is incompetent to hold any ecclesiastical office. Please sign The Remnant petition today! 

I signed, will you? 

Ave Maria!