Monday, November 16, 2015

We are now in World War III

It started recently with a Russian airliner being struck from the ground by ISIS. Now the recent terrorist attack in Paris by a member of ISIS has caused the beginning of World War III.

France is the eldest daughter of the Roman Catholic Church, whose territory was part of the medieval Holy Roman Empire. Friday night's attack was the most fatal since World War II. 

Today, despite a vast majority of Frenchmen baptized into the Catholic faith, only ten percent of those Catholics actually bother to attend Sunday Mass. Despite all those medieval cathedrals and the home to the modern-day Paris to Chartres Pilgrimage (and vice versa) on Pentecost weekend, most of them are now museums. When was the last time Holy Mass was on high altar at Notre Dame de Paris?

As an American I am afraid the United States is the next target of ISIS. As a Catholic I am also afraid Saint Peter's Basilica is another target. The Fatima prophecy of the Holy Father suffering could come true sooner than later. If His Holiness had obeyed Our Lady and consecrated Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, then this act of terror would have been averted. But instead of putting Catholics first, Pope Francis has now issued directives via his Secretary of State that Moslems are to be embraced during the upcoming Year of Mercy.


We are going to lose this war unless Our Lady is invoked. Europe has lost it's Catholic roots by conceding to the popular culture. It is quite possible that many of these Syrian refugees are faking it to seek asylum in the European Union in order to spread terrorism. The Obama Administration wants to allow 10,000 refugees by the end of the year, with several state governors objecting with the best interest of United States Citizens in mind.

The campaign to select Obama's successor now has foreign policy and immigration as major topics. The former Secretary of State in this race was the worst person in American history to ever hold that position. Now we are at-risk.

In 2016, we cannot elect a President who will allow people to just walk into this country and either (1) steal jobs away from patriotic Americans like me, or (2) murder the innocent. We need to build the wall on the Mexican border. Both major political parties, when granted control of the Federal government, have balked on caring about Americans first. The next President will take the Oath of Office and will be commander-in-chief in the middle of it all. 

For those men ages 18-25 who have fulfilled the Federal law by registering for the Selective Service, you might have to go to war. Seriously. There might be a draft. (There has always been a possibility of reactivating the draft, but more so now.) 

As far as Paris is concerned, it is unclear how many of these victims were Catholic (if any at all). While having candlelight vigils are somewhat acceptable for public memorial services, if there is at least one Catholic martyr, then there should be a public Requiem Mass for the repose of their souls, with or without the casket present. In the case of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing victims, they were all Catholic to this day the Archdiocese of Boston still refuses to have a Requiem Mass for them.

There is a reason why I have on this blog web banner with American women saluting "one nation under God." And there is also another reason why I have set as a barometer of courting only an American citizen. Despite all the imperfections, the United States is still hanging on by a thread a nation where I can still practice Catholicism without being attacked (sort of). I was born here. I would like to remain here. 

At the same time, I am not anti-immigration. My paternal grandfather was born in Great Britain, came to America with his family at age five, and served both as a National Guardsman and later a Navy Paratrooper in World War II. His parents-in-law escaped Communism in Lithuania and gave birth two three daughters here. My maternal grandmother was drafted into the British Army during World War II and met her future husband, and American soldier, on a military base. They married in uniform, and they came back to America after the war. 

There is a very good reason why America has a Pledge of Allegiance. It is not meant to take away our personal freedoms nor to turn Americans into robots. The Pledge is a statement of commitment to love our nation's principles. It is meant to be repeated perpetually, hence its recitation at the beginning of the school day. We Americans should be fortunate that we have something like this that could be used at least once per day in various capacities. We should be fortunate to have a hand-over-heart salute for civilians. We also should be fortunate that all persons, regardless of race or nationality, are allowed to join in. 

My ancestors came to America legally and when they were granted citizenship, they took the Oath of Citizenship, where they renounced "all enemies, foreign and domestic." Newly-naturalized citizens take the same oath today. It is a total insult to all legal immigrants of yesterday and today to grant amnesty to those who walk right into our country and break the law while doing so, and to the liberal and neo-con politicians who have allowed this to happen. 

My prayers are with the French people as they begin their commitment to the defeat of ISIS. America will stand behind this decision.