Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Recently-deceased German priest denied Requiem Mass against his will

This one is really sad and pathetic, especially to a priest. This story was first reported by

Fr. Adolf Mohr of the Diocese of Trier, Germany, died on Friday, Nov. 6th at the age of 86 from cancer. After his retirement from parochial ministry, Fr. Mohr began saying the Traditional Latin Mass, and received a written assurance from the priest where his funeral is to be held that the Latin Requiem Mass will be used for his funeral. But contrary to Father's will, Bishop Stephan Ackermann has denied the use of the old rite and the funeral will be the Novus Ordo on Friday, Nov. 13th. 

(For the record, Bishop Ackermann is very liberal and received blessings from female Protestant ministers in the past.)

Anytime a Traditionalist Catholic is denied a Requiem Mass when he dies, it is pathetic. When a priest who offered the TLM dies and is denied a Requiem Mass by his bishop, then it is really the bishop who is anathema.

As a matter of fact, every baptized Catholic is entitled to the Latin Requiem Mass when he dies, whether or not they attend it or not. This includes all the elders in nursing homes who cannot walk because of old age. (They are exempt from the Sunday obligation.) Many well-abled people cannot attend Mass on Sunday because they have not available to them within driving distance. Does that mean they are to be denied a Requiem Mass because there is no resident priest available? 

Now in my particular situation, living in Central Massachusetts with no resident priest available. When my parents pass away, who is going to say Mass for the repose of their souls? Or mine? Or anyone else's? Right now, if something happens, we are in trouble. 

Even if someone writes this in their will, it will most certainly be invalidated by the Diocese of Worcester. The only available place to have a Requiem Mass in this diocese is at a neutral site (i.e. rented space) said by a visiting priest. If you try to ask a parish priest here to say it, they are either going to say "no" or "yes, but let me talk to the Bishop", who will then say "no." 

As far as Germany is concerned, if you live there or plan on visiting, go to the SSPX Masses instead of the taxpayer-funded-soon-to-be-schismatic church. (Click here for the District of Germany website of chapels in German)

UPDATE: Good news, the Bishop has allowed a priest of the FSSP to say his Requiem Mass today. Requiesicant in Pace. Amen. 

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