Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's getting serious...

Yes, things are getting serious.

If you are a Catholic woman looking for a future husband, have viewed this blog before and think is whole thing is a joke, then start taking it seriously. 

As I see it, it seems that Traditionalist Catholics have no place in society at large. (This explains why I cannot find appropriate skilled employment.) Traditionalists may not have a place in the Church come October, then the Synod declares that...

I am not talking only those who attend the TLM said by a priest from a traditionalist order. People who attend the TLM said by a diocesan priest (like I currently do) might have their churches taken away from them if they refuse to accept...

Things are getting serious. It is quite possible that Catholics like me who are currently single but are open to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony may not see their weddings in the church building proper. The priest might have to go to a neutral site to set up an altar of sacrifice because the bishop will not allow a TLM wedding (or Requiem Mass, etc.). 

Eer regardless, I will fight to find a Catholic sweetheart for the time being while I still can. My pool might be small, but I might have to go "younger", waiting for someone to turn 18?

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