Friday, May 22, 2015

SHOCKING: TLC pulls "19 Kids" after Josh Duggar alleged of sexual assault as juvenile

TLC has pulled 19 Kids and Counting off the air after the oldest Duggar son, Joshua (27), has been alleged to have sexually touched someone while he was 14. Duggar has also resigned from his job at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. (News story)

Such a story is shocking since it is from an unlikely suspect. The Duggars are America's largest family, where Jim Bob and Michelle have nineteen natural born single-birth children (no multiples or adoptees). As conservative Baptists, the Duggars homeschool their children and have "Bible Time" as bedtime story time. The Duggar girls are not allowed to hug their husbands heart-to-heart until they are engaged to their boyfriends, and are not allowed to kiss until they are married. 

God blessed this family with nineteen children and they did not kill any of them. They had all nineteen on His terms and not the terms of Jim Bob and Michelle.

People often think that because you only have less than four children you are using birth control. There are several married couples out there who are struggling just to conceive a baby. Not being on the Pill doesn't guarantee several children, either.

I will miss this show on TV. This family could have been a great Catholic convert family if it weren't for Pope Francis.