Friday, May 15, 2015

Beware of Fr. Paul Nicholson

Everyone reading traditional Catholic blogs over the past few weeks has probably heard about Fr. Paul Nicholson basting Fr. Gruner shortly after his death for being a schismatic priest because Bishop Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX, said his Requiem Mass held at "Scotiabank Cathedral." (I assume because no bishop in Ontario would allow Father's Requiem with his casket in one of their churches, a neutral site was chosen; priests are supposed to have their Requiems said by their bishops, but Father's canonical incardination bishop is...I believe Bishop Fellay was the only one who could do it on such a short notice.) 

Well apparently, Louie Verrecchio has discovered that Fr. Nicholson and Saint Michael's Media, the parent company of (new address), for whom he spiritually advises the staff, is connected with Opus Dei and has done other shady business. (For more on Opus Dei, please read this article.) 

This explains Father's crazy behavior and why Michael Voris and Co. will not criticize the Pope when he does something un-Catholic. 

While watching Voris' videos over the years have partial responsibility of me becoming a Traditionalist Catholic, it took material from Angelus Press (the US printing house of the SSPX) to understand the crises in the Church and why you cannot attend the New Mass. 

Because Opus Dei is an ecclesiastical cult within the Catholic Church, I would never join it. 

To that end, I will no longer be posting any more Vortices on this site, regardless of topic or local interest, until the CMTV staff smarten up and disassociate themselves with Fr. Nicholson. 


  1. Excellent, Chris! Randy Engel has written a story about the Opus Dei Connection to & Randy names names as well as The name of E. Michael Jones as having ties to "The Work."

    1. Yes, I have read Mrs. Engel's syndicated column on CMTV.