Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pope Francis: "No turning back the clock" on V2 & liturgical reforms

Please read this Remnant article regarding the Holy Father celebrating a commemorative Novus Ordo Mass for the 5oth anniversary of the "Interim Missal" in the vernacular. The Pope has also indicated that the Novus Ordo will not cease to exist, which is the cause for this "celebration."

By 1969 the Tridentine Mass and the use of Latin was practically wiped-out of our neighborhood parishes. Some parishes changed their Masses before Vatican II was over; just ask my mother. She was in fourth grade at the parochial school in 1963 when all of a sudden there was no more practicing Latin in the church one day.

The Mass was officially the second thing to go. The Rites of Ordination were the first reforms mandated in 1968, which altered the priesthood from a sacrificial to presbyterial one. After the Mass came the revision of Baptism in 1971, which got rid of the exorcisms, and the revision of Confirmation which allows the use of any oil.  Then went Extreme Unction in 1972, which "Anointing of the Sick" replaced it. [The new Rite of Marriage was designed to be celebrated during Mass (and not before as tradition), so the rite changed when the new missal was published.]

Then came communion in the hand (1977), Eucharistic ministers, Sunday Mass on Saturday Night (1983), Altar Girls (1994), and the Luminous Mysteries (2002). All these and all the other things the Vatican never approved, including (but not limited to) RCIA, Lifeteen, etc.

Francis approving the Neocatechumenical Way shows that he has disregard for reverent celebration of the Mass. He does not like traditionalists for sure. A lot of us don't like him, and once Communion is given to...we must resist like Cardinal Burke will do. We must practice the True Faith somewhere, even if the hierarchy is forcing us back into having Sunday Mass in our living rooms. 

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