Thursday, March 5, 2015

Knights of Columbus are no longer Catholic

First comes a rebuttal on a banning a lesbian wedding reception in Indiana. Now comes the St. Patrick's Day Parade this year in South Boston: the Knights of Columbus are going to march in the parade (for the first time ever) next to the gay group. Yep, that's correct. They are going to march in a parade that Saint Patrick himself would go ballistic if he lived to see this come.

It's very interesting that they have never done it before, even when the LGBT groups were openly banned. But they must be the "replacement" for the Immaculate Heart of Mary School Marching Band, the only truly Catholic school in the Commonwealth which stands for the Church and practices the Faith on a daily basis (?).

The Knights were named after Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer who went to the Bahamas but has a Federal holiday for discovering America. Columbus was a solid Catholic and wanted to convert his claimants to Catholicism. He was a member of the Church Militant.

The Knights were also partly responsible for adding "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954, which is the only thing I like about them now. But otherwise they are not that chivalrous as the medieval knights were.

The Knights are just a men's club which sells insurance policies to it membership. They have several lodges throughout the country. They are practically a business and not a spiritual entity of the Catholic Church. They are practically "Catholic Freemasons."

When I went to a wedding reception at a Knights hall last summer, they had open bar until a certain time, then it became a cash bar. Since I cannot drink alcohol due to medical issues, I ordered a cranberry juice during open bar, but the bartender charged me $2.50 per glass! Go figure, they claim to be a Catholic organization but disregard the cardinal virtue of temperance.


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