Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Please be my valentine (needed more than ever)!

Where I live almost 50" of snow have fallen to the ground over the past two weeks. Other than shoveling I have cabin fever. Obviously it is the best option to stay indoors if possible.

I have never seen so much snow at once on the ground despite living in New England all my life. While our winters might seem painful every year, they are more tolerable than tornadoes in the Midwest, earthquakes in California, and hurricanes in Florida.

50" could be a whole season's total, but we got it in two weeks this time. The Groundhog saw his shadow, so expect six more weeks of this stuff.

Sunday (yes, I made it to Mass) was Septuagesima Sunday, the third Sunday before Ash Wednesday and approximately the 70th day before Easter. The vestments are purple and the Alleluia is suppressed until the Easter Vigil. The organ is not played in church. The Gloria is not sung during Mass except on doubles of the first class. 

Overlapping the beginning of the Easter cycle of the ecclesiastical year was yesterday's feast, Candlemas. The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (which commemorates the presentation of Baby Jesus into the Temple according to Mosaic Law) on February 2nd officially ends all feasts of the Christmas cycle. The tradition in our household is that the manger and tree do not come down from decoration until the Patriots win the Super Bowl. They did at the last minute, so at our leisure we can take the Christmas stuff down! 

Starting on Ash Wednesday I will not eat any meat products until Easter. The Saturday beforehand happens to be St. Valentine's Day this year. With all the snow and cold weather, I have not been able to complete a lot of things, including finding my Catholic sweetheart. I think finding one in the next ten days will be fitting. I do want to have a Happy Easter this year, which would include attending Mass with my future sweetheart.

Unless the snow melts before March 1st, consider these two snow storms punishment for the sins of man. Consider them as punishment for all who are ordained who don't uphold Catholic truth. Consider them as God's punishment for going against His commandments.

Until then, we are stuck. I am stuck without a valentine, a job, and easy access towards the sacraments. Nothing is going to change at-large without divine intervention. But there is something a young single Catholic woman can do: date a single Catholic man just like her. 

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