Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CMTV attacks Angelus Press, The Remnant, & Catholic Family News

Michael Voris & Co. are at it again. They simply attack the modern-day forefathers of Catholic Tradition, including (but not limited to) Archbishop Lefebvre, Michael Davies, and Walter Matt for standing up for the Traditional Latin Mass when it was practically wiped-out of the parishes over 45 years ago.

I understand Voris' position that you need to be in full communion with your diocesan bishop in order to be considered a Catholic. But things are more complicated today than one thinks. For example, Archbishop Lefebvre founded the SSPX because practically every priest abandoned the administration of the undoubtedly valid sacraments. It became more evident as the Archbishop aged that doctrine and morality were declining along with the sacraments, that he needed to be assured that priests were able to be validly ordained without question. So in 1988 he consecrated four bishops for the administration of the sacraments, more specifically the ones reserved to a bishop: Confirmation and Holy Orders.

The SSPX bishops do not have any particular jurisdiction over anyone. When referring to the fact that "they have no authority in the Church", this particularly applies to the other administrative duties an ordinary would have. For example, they cannot authorize exorcisms, grant annulments, or excommunicate. They are only equivalents of auxiliary bishops, who possess no authority in governance of a diocese.

Any bishop can administer the Sacrament of Confirmation, but that is normally reserved to the local ordinary. Auxiliary bishops and retired bishops validly confirm. So do the SSPX bishops, especially when the actual bishops will not confirm anyone validly. Any bishop can ordain.

In terms of hearing confessions and officiating at marriages, normally you need faculties to perform these sacraments validly. But today's church is anything but normal. When you go to your typical Novus Ordo confessional and the priest says it's not a sin to eat meat on Friday, use birth control, or miss Sunday Mass without a good health or safety reason, then he is not a reliable confessor. Going to a traditional priest (SSPX or otherwise) who hears sins as sins and gives absolution is the natural, safer option. (As far as marriages are concerned, see my Jan. 9th post.)

Most importantly, lex orandi, lex credenti, lex vivendi. How you pray at Sunday Mass reflects on what you believe and is supposed to reflect on how you live away from the church property. If you go to the abusive Novus Ordo Mass, then chances are you don't believe in the Real Presence because the prayers and music do not reflect the sacrificial nature of the Catholic priesthood. Many of those Catholics simply spend an hour in church on Sunday and live in sin the rest of the week. Whereas, if you attend the Traditional Mass (or an Eastern Rite Mass in communion with Rome), then the prayers the priest says on our behalf reflect and express the Catholic Faith; Traditional Catholics live according to the teachings of the Church.

It is very important to attend the Traditional Latin Mass as this is a dogma of the Church. If you are a Novus Ordo Catholic and you want to live your faith, then it is now time to stop attending the Novus Ordo Mass and change over to the TLM. (I did it five years ago.)

Some people, even traditional priests, think it's A-Okay to go to the New Mass. Don't fall for it! Angelus Press, The Remnant, Catholic Family News, and other publications who editorially defend the TLM and Archbishop Lefebvre's work have been around before the internet, and they are theologically sound. The Archbishop knew it was necessary to preserve "the Mass of the Ages" to preserve the Catholic Faith. These same publications never believed that the Chair of Peter has been vacant since 1958 (neither do I).

In a perfect world, I wish Pope Francis would say the TLM. In a perfect world, I wish I could go back to my neighborhood parish. I wish I could easily attend Sunday Mass in my residential diocese and financially support the diocese. I wish more young men could pursue their vocation as diocesan priests. I wish I could contribute to second collections. I wish I could not tell parents not to send their children to the "Catholic" schools. I wish I could take someone's word for saying they're Catholic.

The list goes on and on. Archbishop Lefebvre was only a prophet when he did his work. Today, Cardinal Burke, an exiled prelate, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, an auxiliary bishop, are two bishops who have no (longer) governing authority in the Church. They are forced to globetrot like the SSPX bishops just to defend the faith. If they all be co-consecrators for traditional bishops in the future, so be it.

Finally, a simple message to Novus Ordo Catholics ages 18-35: It's not your fault that you attend the New Mass. Start attending the TLM and gain the Faith. Go to it, even if it's frowned upon by the diocesan bishop.