Saturday, January 31, 2015

Please sign Filial Appeal to the Holy Father to defend traditional marriage dogma

Traditional marriage and family values are under attack on all corners of the globe these days, thanks to fifty years of certain Catholic prelates who stopped caring about the institution which keeps society together.

Last year's synod was a joke, and if the 2015 Synod goes as planned, Pope Francis will require Catholic priests to perform same-sex weddings, baptize babies of same-sex couples, and give Holy Communion to divorced/remarried persons under the penalty of excommunication of loss of faculties. The purpose of the petition is to ask the Holy Father to STOP THIS NONSENSE AND UPHOLD THE DOGMATIC TEACHINGS AND DISCIPLINE OF THE CHURCH.

I signed. Please sign. If you don't sign (Catholic or not), then all those who uphold these truths will face possible imprisonment or worse, capital punishment.

Thank you.