Friday, December 19, 2014

Boycott all secularized celebrations for Saint Patrick

I am very critical of the fact that Saint Patrick's Day parades no longer honor Saint Patrick himself. Because Cardinal Dolan will be the grand marshal of the gay-friendly NYC parade in 2015 and the South Boston parade will now allow gay groups to march, I have asked that all parades in honor of Saint Patrick be cancelled and March 17th to be designated as a Holy Day of Obligation in the Archdiocese of Boston (one of the co-patrons). 

But this won't happen. Cardinal Sean spends more time promoting Obamacare and liberal politics than the Catholic Church. If he had any Catholic sense, he would condemn the move immediately and excommunicate anyone who goes to the parade. As a matter of fact, since this is a multi-diocesan problem, I want Pope Francis to bar Catholics from attending events that mock Saint Patrick. 

Even though it is now less than three months away, make plans not to go to any Saint Patrick's Day Parade and instead spend March 17th in church (even if Lent is observed). Save the corned beef and cabbage until Easter, and abstain from meat like a normal Lenten day. No Guinness!  

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