Sunday, November 16, 2014

My ultimate Christmas wish this year

There is going to be no Thanksgiving dinner for me this year, anywhere. My family is aging and have been sick recently, so there will be no dinner at home. With 13 days left in the liturgical year, Advent and Christmas are a hairpin around the corner to begin another. 

While I do not believe in observing the "Holiday Shopping Season" which starts earlier every year and ends on December 24th, I do believe (as every Christian should) that Christmas season doesn't start until Midnight Mass and ends with the octave feast of the Epiphany (Baptism of the Lord). I am also not against gift giving after the 25th. But, with the worst year of my life with six weeks to go, I am making my ultimate Christmas wish for 2014, which supersedes all other wishes:

  • It is not finding a job, albeit everyone needs one;
  • It is not finding a new home, which will be necessary shortly;
  • It is not hitting the jackpot, which seems to be the only hope these days for most;
...but it is the most important item that will dramatically change my life forever. It is finally meeting the Catholic sweetheart of my dreams to become my future wife. It is what will radically rejuvenate my family structure, as most of my immediate relatives are over 55. 

She does not have to come under anyone's tree, but into my heart.  

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