Monday, November 3, 2014

Another politicized funeral

Former Boston Mayor Tom Menino was laid to rest today with a politicized Novus Ordo funeral with five eulogies. 300 of his family and political cronies were in attendance at the church of his baptism, all with the blessing and the presence of the Cardinal. 

While Menino was the best mayor a city could ever have, the eulogies were bragging about his gay rights advocacy as a city councilor. Yes, he was a gay rights activist. 

In all fairness, just like Ted Kennedy, Mumbles didn't deserve a Catholic funeral. One reason why most "Catholic" politicians go against the Church teachings on abortion, homosexuality, and contraception because the Archdiocese of Boston began ordaining gay (friendly) men to the priesthood over a half-century ago.

If Vatican II never happened, you would not have so many Catholics going against Christ's teachings. More importantly, you would not see a "customized" funeral service.