Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grandfather gets annulment to enter seminary

An interesting article in the October 3rd issue of the "Catholic" Free Press is another Vatican II novelty. Former Leominster Mayor Stephen Perla, 57, got his marriage annulled by the Diocese of Worcester so he can enter seminary. His projected ordination year will be 2018. Mr. Perla previously worked as the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese. 


  1. WE like to know how Stephen Perla got annulment. Kindly state for our information

  2. I am not sure what "impediments" he had for a decree of nullity to be issued, but because diocesan tribunals are confidential, the proceedings are a total secret (unlike civil court).

    The annulment process has been trivialized since Vatican II, and there is no accountability. Often times some are given for reasons not applicable in Canon Law.

    If anyone other than the parties involved were to request the documents, they will be denied.