Monday, September 22, 2014

Statement on appointment of new Archbishop of Chicago

Bishop Blaise J. Cupich of Spokane, Washington was appointed the new Archbishop of Chicago this past Saturday. This is not good news. 

Bishop Cupich is very soft on abortion and liturgical abuses. While serving in Rapid City, SD he locked-out the Latin Mass community there from celebrating the Easter Triduum. He also discourages people standing outside abortion clinics praying the Rosary. 

Chicago has more traditional parishes then any other major archdiocese in the United States. They are now in de facto jeopardy with this appointment. Chicago will go back to the Bernadin era shortly.

As one of the largest archdioceses in the USA, the Chicago archbishop does have influence over the whole ecclesial body politic. Since Vatican II the major American archdioceses are the ones with the most unfaithful bishops. This explains why Cardinal Sean in Boston, "Bravo" Cardinal Dolan in NYC, Cardinal Wuerl in DC, Archbishop Chaput in Philadelphia, and Cardinal DiNardo in Houston, all bishops against Sacred Tradition (to name a few), have jobs in their respective places. 

While the Pope is not infallible in appointing bishops, it always seems that the major archdioceses are always bound for a liberal bishop. In order to get a traditionalist bishop we have to stick together and co-sign a letter to the Holy Father personally. 

This brings us to another candidate who was slighted by the Congregation of Bishops: Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Perry. Bishop Perry celebrates Pontifical High Masses and is totally in favor of Sacred Tradition. It is certain that he was slighted for his adherence to Tradition. He better not have been passed because he is an African American. 

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