Monday, September 29, 2014

Scott Lively for Governor

Rarely you see a candidate for constitutional office these days who puts his trust in HIM. Rarely you'll see someone who has a plan to fight the Devil as Saint Michael (his feast today!) does. Even though he is Protestant, this minister has earned my vote on November 4th. I highly recommend all Massachusetts voters to elect Dr. Scott Lively as our next Governor on Election Day. 

Scott is the only candidate who recognizes that our nation and our Commonwealth were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. He realizes that the two party system isn't working. He is the only candidate who supports ending abortion and same-sex marriage in the Commonwealth. He is also the only one who respects the rights of parents as primary educators and would officially tolerate parents who choose to homeschool or send the kids to another school besides their geographical district. He also supports helping inner-city persons currently on welfare to start businesses.

As a Catholic citizen, I am grateful that Massachusetts has a gubenatorial candidate who supports the Catholic teaching on abortion and homosexuality; AND HE'S NOT EVEN CATHOLIC!!! Baptized Cradle Catholic Martha Coakley has a long rap sheet when it comes to supporting Saint Michael's opponent, and is still allowed to receive the Novus Ordo Cookie courtesy of the Commonwealth's do-nothing bishops. Who knows what Charlie Baker believes. Evan Falchuk and Jeff McCormick are billionaires who are dreamers. 

We are in dark times. I don't care which party you belong to (if at all), but I encourage all Massachusetts voters to choose common sense over corrupt politicians. Please join me in voting for Scott Lively. 

Statement not the responsibility of the candidate nor his committee.