Saturday, September 13, 2014

At least one of my relatives will not marry in the Church in the future

This should put the icing on the cake. My little sister announced to the world that she and her supposedly "Catholic" boyfriend "are not practicing Catholics" and will not marry in the Church if they get engaged. 

To me this is no surprise, but is somewhat to my parents, who aren't saints either. She claims she is going to marry somewhere anyplace but a church. This is the same sister who lied to a priest that she was a practicing Catholic so she could sponsor her cousin for confirmation. She doesn't practice her faith, but she thinks it's okay to receive Holy Communion without confessing her numerous sins. 

The reason why I started this blog is to find a Catholic girl to become my wife without spending money I don't have for online dating sites that are not guaranteed. This particular posts shows that I am the only practicing Catholic in my family.

If I do have children in the future, they will be Catholic, no excuses. At least my sister will not be a godparent. 

So much for the Novus Ordo Church. 

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