Saturday, July 26, 2014

It is time to picket outside our parishes...

Anyone following the news regarding the Catholic Church in Boston today should understand that the Archdiocese is anything but. The Cardinal is siding with the "Death Party" by encouraging illegal immigration and crime. This and the fiscal, sexual, and liturgical abuses come as no surprise to Latin Mass attendees as the Novus Ordo Church is a counterfeit church using the name "Roman Catholic." It dominates and controls everything.

I am not going to repeat myself on the sinful events of the living memory, but I will say that we have to organize Rosary Rallies outside our parish churches (especially the Cathedral) asking for housecleaning of the current leadership and that the Pope appoint a traditionalist archbishop for the Archdiocese of Boston.

The reason why most "Catholic" politicians (from both parties) support abortion, contraception, gay marriage, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research because they were never taught properly, which is the responsibility of the diocesan bishop.

The only way that such action can now be taken is public peaceful protesting. The Traditional Latin Mass needs to return to every parish, no exceptions.

It is too bad I am not a candidate for political office this year. I might have to run for something in the future if things don't turn around when I really don't want to.

Six months from now, someone else will be Governor of Massachusetts. The November election will have bearing on whether or not the Commonwealth will exist in 2015, same with the 2016 Presidential Election: Did Our Lady predict correctly at Fatima?

If I were Governor, I would defend the TRUE Roman Catholic Church and her TRUE teachings while in office. I would support laws that require the TLM if the religious organization claims to be "Roman Catholic." I would consider taking Novus Ordo churches by eminent domain and fines as punishment for these fifty years of fraud. 

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