Saturday, May 17, 2014

REPARATION: Ten years of gay marriage in Massachusetts

Ten years ago today, Gov. Mitt Romney issued a new marriage license for Massachusetts residents wanting to tie the knot in the Bay State. This new document primarily accommodates same-sex marriage, as the word "Father" is substituted by "Party A" and the word "Mother" by "Party B". The first gay marriages in America were performed.

Ten years later, Massachusetts has taken a moral nose dive. The once-Catholic-majority state has lost God ever since. Out of the approximate total 46,900 wedding ceremonies performed here since 2004, 45% of them were gay.

Who is really at fault for not defending traditional marriage in the Commonwealth? It's not me, you, teachers, parents, scout leaders, coaches, doctors, politicians, or judges. It is the fault of the four Catholic bishops in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; the exact same ones who were there ten years ago are still there today.

The bishops and their more immediate predecessors did ABSOULUTELY NOTHING to defend sacramental marriage as defined by the Council of Trent. When Gov. Romney issued the new licenses, the bishops sat back for a massage. Instead of saying the Tridentine Mass and whacking these whackos with their croziers, the bishops did nothing. Instead of preaching against divorce, birth control, and cohabitation, they ordained known (to them) homosexuals who would abuse children and the liturgy.

Since the bishops have been giving Communion to gay and abortion supporters, they have sold the Faith out to the highest bidder. They continue to allow this to happen by doing nothing. They have allowed the State to interfere with a Catholic's right to practice the faith with orthodoxy by allowing the most abortion supporting, most gay supporting, and most pagan politicians to take a pulpit and speak from them.

Cardinal O'Malley will have anyone arrested for protesting in front of the Cathedral asking for orthodoxy. (Just ask the sex abuse victims.) I bet you money he would also support the rental of a parish for a gay marriage. Or to make matters worse, would support the State Police for arresting someone for praying the Rosary near a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Unless there is Divine Intervention, don't expect our next governor to restore Christendom in Massachusetts. Don't expect our incumbent bishops to do so either.

Groups like Mass Resistance exist because they know we are in dark times. The burden is on people like me who have a duty to speak out, even if it will cost us our heads.