Friday, May 30, 2014

Planned Parenthood collecting signatures

On Wednesday I was in Boston for an architecture meeting. Walking along the world-famous Newbury Street (the street in the Back Bay with high-end retail shops) near the Mass. Ave. side, I walked by a store called Condom World, which was located in the basement of one of the buildings. It appears from the window display that the store sells condoms with various designs on them. 50 feet up the street, there was a guy and a girl (who appear to be college-aged) collecting signatures for a candidate or ballot question in pink Planned Parenthood t-shirts. The guy even asked me if I wanted to sign the papers, and I angrily walked right past him not saying a word.

Now for those who don't know, Planned Parenthood is the world's largest abortion and contraceptive provider. They receive Federal money, OUR TAX DOLLARS, to kill 4,000 unborn babies in the USA everyday alone. They target poor people, widows, and pregnant rape victims by killing our future tax paying citizens.

Because those kids wore PP t-shirts, I know better not to talk to anyone involved with PP. If they didn't and just asked me to sign the nomination papers without telling me whom or what they are for, I would ask them. If they responded something like "a ballot question to pass out free condoms to high school and college students" or another pro-death item, and I responded "No thanks, [I am pro-life]," I would probably get punched in the face.

These kids are an example of the brainwashing liberals have force-fed in classrooms about sexual ethics and morality. People simply don't understand that only married couples have the right to sexual intercourse, and the primary purpose is for the procreation of children. What the Church means by sexual intercourse is "unprotected" sex, which means no use of a condom, pill, or unnecessary surgical procedure to prevent pregnancy. Even NFP counts as birth control!

Most women don't even understand that getting an abortion or taking birth control pills actually are a leading cause of breast cancer in the later years! And what really strikes them as that the use of a condom actually ruins a woman's reproductive system! Why do you think many women get "bitchy" by the time they are 50?

To make matters worse, most Catholic bishops and priests have not preached on sexual morality for 45 years, and those same priests continue to ignore this very important topic. The only ones who preach on the topic are the ones who say the Traditional Latin Mass. Otherwise, you know the reason why most Catholic high schools and colleges are not worth the money paid in tuition.

If you wish to date me, you'll have to pay a visit to the confessional if you committed such sins. Please click the side link to email me, even if you are in a state of grace.

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