Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Catholic" Free Press lies again!

The Catholic Free Press has done it again! They have lied about the history of Worcester's oldest Catholic parish church, St. John's.

First of all, if you read Good Friday's (April 18, 2014) article on the back page of the paper, it shows that the restoration of the interior of the parish "is complete." What a lie.

While the picture shown in the print edition looked like it was when I left the parish, the photos on the website of Master Liturgical Design, the contractor, show the beautiful murals and designs that the parish originally had. They did a good job there. But the interior of the parish church is still incomplete because of three things:

  1. The table in the middle needs to be removed. It wasn't there when the church was consecrated.
  2. The altar rail needs to return. There was one when the church was consecrated.
  3. The Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments need to return (to every parish, not just S.J.'s).
Until the three above requirements are fulfilled, then one cannot say that the restoration is complete.

The article also had several historical errors which I will not correct here; those are for another post. But I am going to say that it doesn't look like that #3 will come back (even without 1 or 2) because of several issues. But they have been inviting Professor Bart Ehrman of the University of North Carolina for "Bible Study" every other month recently. For more information on Professor Ehrman, please watch this Vortex:

Please pray for this parish, that it may convert back to Traditional Catholicism. Sadly, this was my parish until I defected to a Latin Mass parish.

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