Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Prodgical Daughter

When I heard the news that Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old Catholic high school senior from New Jersey who sued her parents for tuition (who lost the preliminary injunction), returned to her parents' home last week, I started to include her in my nightly prayers.

Even though she is legally an adult and had the right to move out of her parents' house, suing for private school tuition was over the top. While I don't know the whole situation of what caused her to move out in the first place, I believe such actions were uncalled for. Since she is still a high school senior, at a private school, being paid for by her wealthy parents who care, she should have waited until she graduates before even thinking about relocating.

While there were accusations of Rachel drinking and having an immoral boyfriend (for which Mr. & Mrs. Canning asked her not to date), she will have to go to confession and have her sin of disobeying her parents absolved from before she can once again receive Holy Communion.

It is my hope that Rachel and her parents fully reconcile and receive full family support, financially and emotionally. I hope that Rachel will resume practicing her faith and find a husband that will actually care for her for the love of God.