Saturday, March 29, 2014

R.I.P. Boston Fallen Heroes

This past Thursday, two Boston Firefighters, Lt. Edward Walsh, Jr., and Michael Kennedy were killed while putting out a fire at 298 Beacon Street.

Funerals arrangements are now complete, and it appears that both will be getting Novus Ordo "celebrations of life" Masses and not Traditional Requiem Masses.

While the Fire Department did a good job yesterday at a somber tribute at City Hall, I am afraid that the funerals of these heroes, like most "Catholic" funerals today, are going to be politicized.

While we thank our fallen heroes for their service and their bravery, there is no guarantee that they will make it to heaven. (I never knew these men, so I couldn't tell you any biographies.)

Since they were both baptized Catholics, these men are entitled to, and deserve Requiem Masses. Please pray for the repose of their souls.