Friday, March 7, 2014

Follow-up on the 2014 Boston "Catholic" Appeal

I am following up today on the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas about the fake Boston "Catholic" Appeal that the Archdiocese conducts every Lent. Like last year, there are brochures all over the place. But this year, Cardinal Sean actually sent out letters and pledge cards/donation envelopes in the mail!

This year's theme is "Forward In Hope," but I don't believe there is much hope in the Archdiocese unless Tradition is adopted and mandated on all priests and parishes. The brochure card also states the statistics from 2013:

  • 31,000 volunteers in ministry (there is no indication what this means)
  • 638 Diocesan priests (active and retired; but only about five actually practice the Faith)
  • Mass said 19 languages (I bet you Latin doesn't count here)
  • 1,000+ people (or 500+ couples) prepared for marriage in the heretical Transformed in Love program.
  • 7,000 participants in the Why Catholic? program, a development of the Church of Nice
  • 750 took the bus to the March for Life, the only one of merit, but were not allowed to attend the Traditional Latin Mass while in D.C.
  • 264 permanent deacons (A ministry that is inconsistent with Tradition; subdeacons always took a vow of celibacy.)
  • 114,000 Religious Education students who have no clue what the Church really teaches
  • 1,800+ Religious priests, brothers, and nuns

This year, Catholic Appeal monies are part of the 18% church tax that each parish in the Archdiocese must pay. 10% comes from the Sunday collections, while 8% is the Catholic Appeal money. Each parish is set a "goal", and if that goal is not raised by the parishioners, then the parish will get a bill for the balance. 

So under the heretics who run the place, parishes cannot get around not paying their bills to these same people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars destroying the local church. 

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  1. Sounds like you're not enamoured with the former Cardinal of Argentina either I suppose? Nor am I ...Hope you find a good Traditional Catholic Woman to be your wife ...