Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I write this final post for 2013 on this Christmas Day as someone who has had too many struggles. 2013 was not a great year. Too many violent crimes, murders, the Boston Marathon Bombings, apostasy of the Catholic clergy in the Archdiocese of Boston, and my own personal struggles. 

We don't know exactly how 2014 will fare, but on the ecclesiastical side of things nothing will seem to improve in Massachusetts; I am scheduled to loose my adoptive parish to the DIM reconfiguration plan. Professionally, things are tight, and have battles to fight. But on the personal side, things are never going to improve unless I find my Catholic sweetheart and find a new home. 

No matter what happens in 2014, I still plan on running this blog until my goal is reached. I believe that this particular awareness shows that over 36,000 people have actually taken the time to read the contents of this blog. Again, I am writing this blog because most "Catholic" dating sites are costly and not guaranteed to be orthodox. 

I wish everyone a Happy, Merry, and Holy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bishop Deeley headed to Maine

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Robert Deeley, the vicar general of the Archdiocese of Boston, to be the 12th Bishop of Portland, Maine. 

I am happy for him. At least he is leaving the mess Cardinal Sean is making behind and he can take charge of the one diocese State of Maine and the Catholics up there. 

In recent history, Boston's auxiliary bishops are pretty much the "farm club" for other dioceses in the United States. Once a diocese becomes sede vacante, generally the auxiliaries from Boston, New York, and Chicago are looked at. 

However, auxiliary bishops do not have any power in the governance of a diocese except when the ordinary is absent, or the ordinary delegates he auxiliary to confirm or ordain. They are just extras. 

In Boston's case, the Archdiocese has too may auxiliary bishops and they just sit around doing nothing. But Bishop Deeley was just consecrated last January 4th, so he must have done something right to earn this promotion. 

Congratulations Your Excellency and good luck in your new ministry!

(For more news info visit the Portland Diocesan website.) 

Monday, December 16, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Cardinal Burke no longer a member of Congregation of Bishops

Rorate Caeli is reporting that His Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Burke is no longer a member of the Congregation of Bishops. He was replaced with Donald Cardinal Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington who doesn't care about Tradition. 

Although Cardinal Burke is still the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, such a move shows that he might not have the job much longer.

If the Pope actually got my most recent letter to him regarding the Archdiocese of Boston, then I hope Sean O'Malley gets canned in Beantown and Burke takes his place. 

Speaking of the letter, here it is...

Was Benedict forced out?

With the recent scandals regarding the unjust punishment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate by a Vatican-appointed extern commissioner, and the good fact that Bishop Fellay did not sign the Doctrinal Preamble to regularize the Society of Saint Pius X, and that Tradition is trending, we have to wonder....

Was Pope Benedict XVI forced out of office from some external pressure, or did he abdicate on his own terms?

For beginners, I am posting this Remnant Forum video where Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara discuss the recent FFI "punishment" and that senior Vatican officials might have forced Benedict out:

In the meanwhile, I will do some Canon Law research to see if a pope is still the Pope if he was forced out of office. I will follow-up with a part two later this week. 

(Feel free to leave comments if you have any credible evidence.) 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Will she come for Christmas?

My fake wedding photo!
Today on the Feast of Mary's Immaculate Conception, I would like to say that I have completed my third (and yet most disastrous) semester of architecture school. I am taking a break from that right now to focus on finding the Catholic wife. The main question is that will I be able to find someone just in time for Christmas?

It is very hard to tell since my health has deteriorated a lot since September, and often cannot attend Mass on consecutive Sundays anymore. But I believe that being single for quite some time has contributed to my health problems, and the most Catholic solution besides prayer is since that I am not priestly material, I find a Catholic girlfriend whom I would marry after a year of dating. Then comes the marital duties. 

I believe that the bishops in the United States have not adequately preached on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Most "Catholic" marriages today are either:

  1. Performed by a priest or deacon outside of Mass
  2. Performed by a priest or deacon with a non-Catholic clergyman co-officiating (would be the case for ecumenical weddings)
  3. Performed by a justice of the peace outside of the Church (properly called a civil wedding contracted by 2 baptized Catholics, which the penalty of excommunication is attached). 
  4. Performed by a priest when he knowingly attests that the couple cohabited (which is an impediment toward marriage). 
Then comes the immoral practices of the husband and wife. They take the Pill. They use condoms. And they are open to abortions and are sympathetic to the homosexual agenda. 

But a True Catholic marriage generally consists with the following:

  1. Baptism, Confirmation, Betrothal, chastity, and fidelity are prerequisites. 
  2. The Nuptial Mass is said in a church, regardless of how many guests are present. 
  3. The couple attends always attends Sunday Mass (and if possible Daily Mass) together. 
  4. The couple dines, prays, and sleeps together daily, including performing sexual intercourse without any interference of God doing His work. 
  5. There is no limit of the amount of children a couple has. (The couple must also remember that even though daily sex is to be performed as part of the martial duties, there is NO guarantee of pregnancy every time.) 
  6. There is NO talk of separating. 
At this rate, if God sends me a potential spouse, it will most likely be a 2016 wedding, the Olympic year. But I have to continue to pray not only for my situation, but for others who are having such troubles finding a Catholic spouse. 

Immaculate Mary, pray for us.